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Chris Brown - "Beautiful People" Official Video

The video for "Beautiful People" is OUT. It's a gorgeous-looking ride with Chris from the streets to the studio to the club, from packed shows back to the art galleries and back onto the streets.

It also has more guests than most videos out today. See if you can spot all the cameos. Might as well make a list right here in the comments. Enjoy and go get F.A.M.E. if you haven't yet.

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  • This video has become the best video ever...when i watched this video, I realized that you are doing extremely good..getting over all of the bad that has been done and starting to move on and forgiving all of the people who have done you wrong..Im very proud of you and your success..I can truely believe this year is your year absolutely..Im not just your fan to know that..Im your fam..because people who do your right and believe in you are true family blood or not ! I love you Chris <3
    by DaBestOfEmAll'Tati on Mar 27, 2011 pm31 2:02pm
  • love this video wen ii saw on 106 i jus kept replayinq it . love uu CHRiS. :)
    by Chrisbabygirlbrii on Mar 26, 2011 pm31 11:11pm
  • i love you chris brown team breezy for life
    by sandra678514 on Mar 26, 2011 pm31 6:06pm
  • he had every one there lmaoo ! love it.
    by Kella-Breezy on Mar 26, 2011 pm31 4:04pm
  • U have so MUCH talent....and u love to have FUN... Love u chris
    by chrisbrezzyzlover on Mar 26, 2011 pm31 1:01pm
  • LOVE THIS SONG chris....I have loved all of ur songz since u fist came out...keep doing what u do and dont let people get to u! LOVE U
    by chrisbrezzyzlover on Mar 26, 2011 pm31 1:01pm
    by BROWN33CHRIS on Mar 26, 2011 am31 11:11am
    by BROWN33CHRIS on Mar 26, 2011 am31 11:11am
  • this is the real cb! love it (L)
    by isiisk on Mar 26, 2011 am31 11:11am
  • <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Love you, Breezy!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    by CBFan2011 on Mar 25, 2011 pm31 9:09pm