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Chris Brown Paying Tribute to Michael Jackson at The BET Awards [VIDEO]

Chris tore it down at the BET Awards this weekend. Click "Read More" to watch him pay an emotional tribute to a legend and a musical hero.

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  • only 1 word to describe it... AMAZING! ♥
    by ciRiLLo on Aug 4, 2010 am31 12:12am
  • before he even came out i knew it was him i was sitting in front of my tv & when i seen this i was crying that was deff the best performance ive ever seen. Hes AMAZiNG ! im going to meet him one day Lol (i Hope) im deff going to be a chris brown fan till i die
    by Lovechris22 on Aug 2, 2010 pm31 1:01pm
  • Bro when iSaw dhiz im not qon lie iStarted cryinq . ima CBreezy fan till iDie =]
    by CBreezybabii03 on Jul 29, 2010 pm31 4:04pm
  • chris that was a tearjerker for me as well when i saw that performance i too cried omg that was amazing but you knows what babe keep your head up at all times and dont never let anyone knock u out of your posistion as a man first you dont have to prove anything to anyone but yourself beacuse people are gonna say whatever they want regardless so let them say whatever you just keep doing you we as your fans will always stand behind you 1000percent never for 1 moment did i beleive that whole story the media made but whatever you 2 knows and you 2 has to handle that i too has had difficulties in...
    by ternitha on Jul 26, 2010 pm31 10:10pm
  • I think he and an excellent singer, even though I admire much of Brasillis What he does and I can say I'm a fan of his HAIL CHRIS BROWN
    by Caiquebrown on Jul 25, 2010 pm31 4:04pm
  • when michael jackson died on june 25,2009 i was crying so much my heart torn apart i believe that he is really gone when i see his public services on tv i was crying his daugther was taking about to his father when i hear talking fer the first time i was so proud of herto say beautiful things about her father michael jackson but chris brown sing man in the mirror at hte bet awards it was a beautiful moment for me i see chris brown crying he miss him so much he learn how to do the moonwalk perfect everyone crys when the lengend the king of pop pass away he died with love, care, and peace not...
    by meadowdale lion girl on Jul 24, 2010 pm31 4:04pm
  • i thing that the tribute to MJ was excellent. It had a lot of emotions in it. I to must say when i heard the whole story with Rihanna i was very disapointed in you Chris i pray to GOD hopeing that you learn your lesson. I know rhianna was also wrong to hit you but you also wrong to hit her. I only hope that you dont change the way you are i mean the good music that you make. I now want you to give your life completely to the lord and make him your everything. JESUS loves you so much and he wants you to love him back with all your heart and soul. Please Chris stay the same way you are. I know...
    by Cassia Vidale on Jul 23, 2010 pm31 8:08pm
  • The live show I had missed da very beginning until my lil sis called and asked was I watchin but turned it on just in time to see him moonwalk and break down. When Michael passed I knew dat Chris would honor him da best. I cried seeing him so emotional like dat. I was watching with my family and my stepbrother said it would've been better if he didn't beat up Rihanna, I agreed. Then said somethin stupid like he could've been the new king. He stopped me from talking and said that would never happen. I stopped myself too at the same time he stopped me cuz even I knew dat sayin...
    by Comelia Brown on Jul 19, 2010 pm31 4:04pm
  • OMG!!! he was so amazing i'm proud of this made me cry!!! I LOVE YOU
    by kat the glamorous on Jul 11, 2010 am31 12:12am
  • chris brown shut da whole show down when he did dat tribute at da bet awards.I dont care wat anyone says dat waz da best performance the whole nite.And jus because he was cryin doesnt mean hes a little punk it means he can show his emotions .Thats it!!!I LUV YhU ChRIS BRoWn uR DA BEST!!!!
    by MisZChrisBreezy43 on Jul 7, 2010 pm31 2:02pm