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Chris Brown Paying Tribute to Michael Jackson at The BET Awards [VIDEO]

Chris tore it down at the BET Awards this weekend. Click "Read More" to watch him pay an emotional tribute to a legend and a musical hero.

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  • Absolutley AMAZING, a FANTASTIC performance, you are a VERY talented performer, artist, singer, etc. we LOVE you because of your spirit and hard work. Please do ever compromise what you love to do, stay focused and you'll shine. We have always believed in you and kept you in our prayers. We have been fans from day one and will be your fans until the end!!!!!!!! May God be with you and keep you strong! You are in our prayers forever! Looking forward to attending a concert in the near future. YOUR DEDICATED AND DEVOTED FANS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by rfrazier198 on Jun 29, 2010 pm30 8:08pm
  • i cant belive chris brown started crying....i started crying wen i saw him cry tht was jus soooo sweet!!!!!!!! he also did an amazing job doing the dance!!!!!!
    by chrisxbrezzy_wifey on Jun 29, 2010 pm30 7:07pm
  • awww i started crying when he was crying and i just couldn't stop. he did an amazing performance. he finally got his chance to do his tribute to MJ. I love you Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!!
    by Breezy_Bre_ on Jun 29, 2010 pm30 7:07pm
  • Awwww, blesssh hiim,:) I start cying when i watched dis,:'( Chris Brown is just soo gourgues.x ILOVEHIMTOBITS.X R.I.P. MIcheal Jackson Love Chris Brown (L)
    by AiishaT on Jun 29, 2010 pm30 6:06pm
  • Chris, I pray you read this!! You brought tears to my eyes boi! lol! I am so happy to see you back it was a long time coming. I can see God moving in you and just about everybody from all over the world felt it through the screen. I always loved "Man in the Mirror" it always brought tears to my eyes even at a really young age. I am sooo excited to see what God is gonna do in your life!! HE SHALL PREPARE A TABLE BE4 U IN THE PRESENCE OF YOUR ENEMIES!! all of those who tried to stop u can't hold you down. Doors that were once shut will be opened and all those folk that went out...
    by KatSamone on Jun 29, 2010 pm30 4:04pm
  • I love Chris Brown to death and I loved his performance. To me it, it takes a strong man to cry and for him to, it showed that he's not afraid to show his emotions. There are mixed feelings going around about his performance and the fact that he cried. I personally think he cried because (as we all know) Michael Jackson was his idol and for him to be singing one of Michael 's most legendary songs yet, he was honored. It was a surreal moment and also I think the other half of the tears were him knowing that he messed up last year and him singing "Man in the Mirror" talking...
    by maddie7317 on Jun 29, 2010 pm30 3:03pm
  • I cry everytime I hear Man in the Mirror, still. Now, if I was a performer, MJ having touched my heart and soul for so many times over so many years (I am old), I guarantee you I would not be able to get through that performance. So....I completely understood the moment and bawled my eyes out too, again. I was so annoyed last night with all the news shows commentators, their spin on this being a publicity stunt, etc., how scandelous, unfair, unforgiving, dishonest and judgemental the media is, just imagine how Michael Jackson endured this practically his entire life. This show of...
    by Briong on Jun 29, 2010 pm30 2:02pm
  • Chris this perforance was outstanding!!! Like you took my words away with that perfromance. I was speachless when that perforance was over!! You knew what you were doing and to me that was my favorite part of the awards. Can nobdy do a better tribute than what you did!! My favorite part of the performance was the black and white part!! That went hard all the way. And cant nobdy top that. But the most emotional part was Man In The Mirror. Now thats my fav. song my MJ. I listen to that song all the time. And when i heard that beat i was soo happy bacause you were actually goin to perform my fav...
    by Mrs.BrezzyBabi on Jun 29, 2010 pm30 2:02pm
  • All I want to say is it's about time.. I been waiting on a live performance from you for too long now. I thought you were great.I really Like your performance. I cried right along with you. My mother and little sister loves you. Even my husband is a really big fan. I just want to say that things happen and we learn from it. i can tell the performance meant alot to you for so many different reasons. Im so glad every one welcomed you and accepted you at the awards show. Trust it was the best performance I have seen on the BET awards. And so what if Jay-Z and Beyonce didnt show up, we didnt...
    by mrs.jones23 on Jun 29, 2010 pm30 1:01pm
  • when you first came on stage i knew that was you...i was suprised that u were on and i was so happy...<strong> YOU DID AMAZING!! I MEAN IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!
    by perfectlymade on Jun 29, 2010 pm30 12:12pm