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Chris Confirmed To Perform At 2011 BET Awards

Chris is confirmed to perform alongside Jill Scott and others at the 2011 BET Awards on Sunday June 26! He is also nominated for awards in six categories - <a href="">check out the full story here.</a>

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  • very good,you can get the awoards.Hope you can go ahead. <a href="">how to put video on ipad</a>
    by mirrliee on Jun 15, 2011 am30 1:01am
  • Chris i will always stand by ur side no matter what cuz i love u and u r the best. Can't wait to see u perform at the awards.
    by cottoncandygirl on Jun 14, 2011 pm30 4:04pm
  • What up chris brown... pront my new music in air. my party of party... pront.
    by Lil'Bob on Jun 14, 2011 pm30 3:03pm
  • Too bad I don't have B.E.T. GOOD LUCK!!
    by Minnie Mickie on Jun 14, 2011 pm30 2:02pm
  • you'll ROCK as usual babe ♥
    by aJoanaMarques on Jun 14, 2011 pm30 1:01pm
  • omqheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! kant waitt till he isz up derr on stage doinq hisz thinq ii will bhee watchin wishinq ii waszz riqhtt derr with hym. ii loveeeeeeeeeeeeee chriss brown too death every heart beat isz justt 4 hym ii swearr too qodd ! omqhee isz reallliieee all ii qott too sayyy ! ..... ii been with hym since he was in his teens.......... yhuupp yuhppppp all dhisz qurlsz trynaa bhee uhpp on hisz d***kkk ooppss ii aintt meann too sayyy hisz d***k lmmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ii...
    by christopher lovin m3 on Jun 14, 2011 am30 10:10am
  • I am glad to hear that Chris is performing!I wish him the best on Awards night because he is every bit of deserving of every award that he is nominated for. I know his perfomance will be off the chain!
    by Rudi93 on Jun 14, 2011 am30 3:03am
  • Chris I cant wait 2 c u perform. Dang I just cant wait. XOXO. Do well and dont think negative. t5hink about the best. And dont let hatters move u. At ALL. PRAY THE BEST. HAVE A GREAT TIME AND LOVE WHAT U DO.BYE.
    by chantepowell on Jun 13, 2011 pm30 11:11pm
  • i would love it if i was there
    by ilovechrisbrown2013 on Jun 13, 2011 pm30 4:04pm
  • i love you chris! good luck for your performance <3
    by sabwina stiif'ler on Jun 13, 2011 pm30 1:01pm