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Chris' New Documentary 'Home'

Chris' New Documentary 'Home'
Home is a brilliant introduction to Chris Brown's 6th incredibly mind-blowing album. This documentary driving video travels with Chris as he tours the world inspiring people to be themselves and create limitless possibilities. This video shows how hard work and dedication allows everyone to achieve their dreams!

Chris Brown "Home" from Riveting Entertainment on Vimeo.

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  • Keep doing your thing Chris Brown cuz you are really shining and I'm loving it. #TeamBreezy I can't wait to hear your next album
    by Summer_Blues on Feb 22, 2013 pm28 3:03pm
  • hey my name is destiny i am a huge fan sense i was 14 and i never lost that feeling your amazing i love your music and i just want to say just keep doing what you are doing and your fans will never give up on you! God bless
    by mocha_23baby on Feb 22, 2013 pm28 2:02pm
  • I love your music, and your acting. Clean up your act with the fighting and all the rough housing. You could be a wonderful anything,so make us proud.
    by safronia on Feb 22, 2013 am28 11:11am
  • i love him
    by Lisa terrelonge on Feb 22, 2013 am28 10:10am
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    by zjone123 on Feb 22, 2013 am28 5:05am
  • Chris, new song "home" just where we want you - now if you could shake "that" Chick and am all back in~hold your head up! Peace, P
    by capearl on Feb 22, 2013 am28 3:03am
  • He has come so far.. Keep doing what you do best.! Love you #ForeverTeamBreezy
    by MercedezHEARTSBreezy on Feb 22, 2013 am28 12:12am
  • If I could I would talk to Chris on some real s*** because this song makes me think he is going though a lot I love you chris keep doing what your doing #teambreezy
    by Thenaeshow on Feb 21, 2013 pm28 10:10pm
  • I love him and his songs.He makes my day bright.He makes me smile.❤
    by caprell breezy on Feb 21, 2013 pm28 6:06pm
  • one more thing i never gotyour last name except tina davidson plus i had dreams of you so i know it was you i seen you
    by chris_ash2001 on Feb 20, 2013 pm28 10:10pm