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"Deuces" At Number One

<p>Thanks to the fans, "Deuces" is now holding down the number one spot on the Billboard Mainstream R&B/Hip Hop Chart. The new track climbed from #7 to #1 in a single week, the biggest jump on the chart since Destiny's Child's "Bills Bills Bills". Congratulations to Chris and to all the fans for your support.</p>
<p><a href="|chrisbrown|billboarddeucespost&ocid=jive-smesite|chrisbrown|billboarddeucespost" title="Click here to download Deuces by Chris Brown">Click here to buy Chris Brown's "Deuces" if you haven't yet.</a></p>

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  • ur welcome boo.. u know dat well do anything for u..and i was watching you tube and u look so cute when u just sit there...i was watching when u played call of duty with ur friend sand ma cousin have a ps3 so ill tell himto add u lovu ......................I LOVE U UNTIL THE BOTTOM OF MA SOUL U LOOK SEXY IN UR VIDEOS
    by ash-cakes on Sep 12, 2010 am30 8:08am
  • chris is a star. so he didnt take time to see ur lil daughter waa. he is busy. im sure if he had time he would have said whats up. he had places to be. you have no right to diss on his personal life because of the inconnvienence of seein him at the airport. its not like he was there just to sign autographs he was obviously there to go somewhere. b**** about it if he specificaly went somewhere to meet fans and ignored you. plus they dont know if u some crazy b**** with a gun. and your the rude one! bringing up his personal buisiness like you know him. psshhhht like your daughter so special...
    by briaunde marae on Sep 11, 2010 pm30 3:03pm
  • I Love you chris your amazing. love your music. deuces deserves number one everything. keep it up!! always been your fan thru watever and imma fan of yours forever =)
    by briaunde marae on Sep 11, 2010 pm30 2:02pm
  • this song is amazing, can't stop playing it!! bought the album b/c of this song. got to say, you def putting it out there and reminding people why they love to listen to your music. keep up the hard work, stay motivated and focused, no doubt you will continue to blow people way! much love from ATL...
    by lynci00 on Sep 10, 2010 am30 9:09am
  • the best eva track, hands up CB
    by razahr on Sep 8, 2010 am30 5:05am
  • I just love this song one of my fav by CB
    by kenken101 on Sep 8, 2010 am30 3:03am
  • love that song. x
    by shannicee on Sep 7, 2010 am30 8:08am
  • nice job breezy, duces quickly became the song to help me get over my ex... please have a concert in chico california. :P we straight strugglin out here bruh. love ya
    by April Demetropoulos on Sep 7, 2010 am30 5:05am
  • Thanks TeamBreezy for making this happen! Congratz baby boy, Tyga, and CBE's newest rapper McCall (is that right?) on the #1 Time for another new song to climb the charts.. *ahemz* and yah new mixtape then album! <3 Harlem xxx
    by Harlem-Styze on Sep 6, 2010 pm30 3:03pm
  • OMGosh! i absoultely LOVE this song, but not as much as i love chris brown <3
    by ChrisBrownFo-ever on Sep 5, 2010 am30 1:01am