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New Chris Brown Singles in iTunes

Chris Brown new single Deuces cover art

Right now in the itunes store, you can buy two brand new Chris Brown singles. The first is "Deuces" featuring Tyga and Kevin McCall, the second is called "No B.S.". Click the links below to buy each track.

Click here to buy Chris Brown - "Deuces" (Ft. Tyga and Kevin McCall)

Click here to buy Chris Brown - "No B.S."

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  • today on 106&park chris brown deces was number one this is like the ofourth tyme he has been number ine and everytime he is ialways scream when they say his name lol what can i say i luv chris :)
    by s-brinkley on Jul 8, 2010 pm31 9:09pm
  • This has nothing to do with this single I just wanted to leave you a note: I NOW since the BET Awards "2010" I have a new found RESPECT for you! You are amazingly talented!! I've always liked you but NOW!!! I have MAD respect for you. Everyone makes mistakes that's just how we grow! But if you are able to learn from your mistakes and take yourself to the next LEVEL then that's what counts. Keep it up Chris we all love you!
    by ak_1uponu on Jul 8, 2010 pm31 12:12pm
  • i gotta tell da truth i luv both of these songz
    by MisZChrisBreezy43 on Jul 7, 2010 pm31 2:02pm
  • to be honest, i love both! Yhu cnt fite Chris wit Chris and thats a true fact!!!!!!
    by Mr.BRE3zY on Jul 6, 2010 pm31 9:09pm
  • ASSS is very very amazing i download right nowwwwwwwww wiiiii frommm kolombiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    by kmilotheboss on Jul 6, 2010 pm31 5:05pm
  • I really love both of these songs. To me they show case his ability to entertain & come back when knocked down. Chris is back! If the album is anything like the mixtape then I know he is coming back stronger than ever!!
    by bmrbgsj on Jul 6, 2010 am31 8:08am
    by ozziepoo22 on Jul 5, 2010 pm31 4:04pm
  • I love ya songs(wen u goin back on tour miss u) it!!!
    by Natural_Mama15 on Jul 4, 2010 pm31 4:04pm
  • i heard both these tunes long time ago,although i do like both of them, i prefer the song called SEX,thats just typical chris brown.absolutely
    by lorrainekim on Jul 4, 2010 pm31 3:03pm
  • I hope that you read and understand my side You f*** like a woman who wants me ... Na 'n paar minute, dat sy kollega alle playa ... EA my verbasing MET vrou wat ek LOVE .. [Dit is f*** .... Hy was staar tot die straat met haar ... Daarna het hy gedruk = Ek dink dit het te bemeester .. En dit is weer na my kyk, Ek sit op die sypaadjie met haar .. Weer het hy deur dit met die hand in hand .. Daar het ek my oë gely kom die trane Figueiredo niks so belangrik is .. En die wurm kom my te staan, het hy gestop en gekyk my vrag om te sien dat hy weet dat ek het is 'n blog of myspace...
    by th-ny on Jul 4, 2010 am31 11:11am