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A One-Year-Old Baby Sings "Crawl"

Check out this video of a 1-year-old singing along to Chris’ “Crawl”. Not bad for someone who just learned how to actually crawl.

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  • That is actually the cutest thing ever!
    by Aislingg on Jul 14, 2010 am31 7:07am
  • wowwwwww really a baby singin f***in crwal how come u didnt sing
    by china_eyes on Jul 13, 2010 am31 12:12am
  • adorable baby singing crawl gorgeous
    by Ambar on Jul 12, 2010 pm31 11:11pm
  • that is so cute ( :
    by keiyana on Jul 9, 2010 am31 10:10am
  • aww dat bby is so cute but i can hardly understand wat he is sayin
    by xJohnC.123x on Jul 8, 2010 am31 11:11am
  • heartbreakingly cute
    by pamela peters on Jul 7, 2010 pm31 7:07pm
  • Thats so cool an adorable.
    by cb_girl10 on Jul 7, 2010 am31 11:11am
  • aww!(:
    by dominiquee on Jul 6, 2010 am31 12:12am
  • awww ; he is such a cutie (: that was goood . <3
    by yassahxaddict on Jul 5, 2010 pm31 5:05pm
  • awwwh he is too kutee! he sinqs better than some people at my school =P
    by simonerenee. on Jul 4, 2010 pm31 8:08pm