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Video Premiere: "All About You"

Chris put together this video for "All About You". Like the song, its simple, upbeat and positive. It even features a quick look back at C Breezy's recent videos. Enjoy.

ALL ABOUT YOU ( PREMIERE ) from tony harper on Vimeo.

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  • Its > ALL ABOUT YOU! < Dis song was Beautiful, Hav lots of nice scene :3 n Make me feel warm inside when i listen or i c dis song :] I <3 U MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN DIS THE WORLD! THANK GOD FOR HAVE YOU IN MA LIFE...
    by Satangsd on Aug 4, 2011 am31 5:05am
  • i luv it u da best
    by chrislover3456 on Aug 4, 2011 am31 12:12am
  • yea!!
    by xiomara1 on Aug 3, 2011 pm31 11:11pm
  • I Love This Song! #TeamBreezy :) #Creeze :p
    by BeenBrezzy' on Aug 3, 2011 pm31 7:07pm
  • Awww he is so cute <3
    by CBFan2011 on Aug 3, 2011 pm31 4:04pm
  • i love it u the best <3 u
    by prettygirl325 on Aug 3, 2011 pm31 3:03pm
  • Just checked it out and i think its very nice ; Keep it up chris <3 ; Always remember your fans love you and are behind you no matter what
    by tayamo_x3 on Aug 3, 2011 pm31 2:02pm
  • this is awesome!! the best! just feeling!
    by EmelyMyles on Aug 3, 2011 pm31 2:02pm
  • AWW!OMB! I don't even have the words to describe how I feel right now. This was so damn beautiful. Loved seeind cute lil Diana as well. Your so talented Chris. Thank god for Joyce producing you. I love you so damn much.
    by CBsHardNow on Aug 3, 2011 pm31 1:01pm
  • i am short of words tat is a wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww to this song.
    by vanuella on Aug 3, 2011 am31 11:11am