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"Yeah 3x" at Power 105 [VIDEO]

Did Chris Brown just do the Carlton? Yes. Yes he did, and it looked amazing. Check out this video of Chris and some fans doing a version of "Yeah 3x" at Power 105.

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    by fllrbrttny on May 8, 2011 pm31 11:11pm
  • i really like this video looks like they were having a good time
    by Sherbet on May 8, 2011 pm31 5:05pm
  • hi chris if i was there i would have had a ball i know everyone had so much fun with you omg lol your so sexy and a very hansom young man oh by the way love you new hair color any color dont matter to me f*** those hatter keep your haed up baby love you for who you aer truely yours one of your 1#fan
    by keishalovesbreezy on Apr 7, 2011 pm30 9:09pm
  • Wish I could of been there !
    by Kella-Breezy on Mar 26, 2011 pm31 3:03pm
  • Hopefully I will get to check you out in concert one day. Keep doing your thing. Biggest Fan Gabby
    by Gamble.Gabrielle on Mar 26, 2011 pm31 1:01pm
  • i wish i was there!!...i wish he could come to Dover, Delaware!!!...he would make this town exciting :)
    by iwannameetyu on Mar 22, 2011 pm31 7:07pm
  • Think your doing great Brown ' well done Keep it up!! They yeah song is full of energy and i can deffntly realate to the feeling it brings, God bless you.
    by iveronica on Mar 22, 2011 pm31 6:06pm
  • luvd it woooo :D <3 <3
    by chr.I.sbr.OWN on Mar 22, 2011 pm31 4:04pm
  • OMGG!!!! icome out on heree! im the white girl witha leather jackett! lamooo! ahhh iLOOOVEEEEEEEEEEE him<33323
    by cb_is_sexii on Mar 21, 2011 pm31 10:10pm
  • phahaha wow that was funny bra i cnt bleav u died yo hair imean come on now blond but hey u wer rockin it tho nice vidio c u wen i c u!!
    by sharmagne rodgers on Mar 20, 2011 pm31 10:10pm