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Whats Your Opinion..on "Chris Brown"

Now we know our boy IS.. All that and a truck load of cookies and cream righhhh... [[ya'know what i mean]]..Nicee.. hah!

1. When you feel down and out or just wanna relax..
Do u Chuck on your Chris Brown CD and..."Just Drift away... feel at Ease and just day dream".. hahaha ok ok not to sound so sappy and all.. but yeah do yall?!?!..

His voice is smoothh... like a criminal lmao.. nah yeah its just nice to listen to..

2. I Know we all like this boy.. But HONESTLY NOW!!.. What I've been thinking about when it comes to CB ..[[Keep it clean ladies!!..]]..

do u wish yo man acts like CB sometimes?!?!?
do wish you could have a man that had his traits?!?!.. NOT LOOKS!! im talking about the way he presents himself(Dress Styles, body language) and his personality?!?!?!>..

Just Curious...

Maybe im just thinking too much haha... but all in all Holla atcha Girl!!..

Yah Gurl Harlem-Styze


he iz so e z 2 luv, and there iz so much about him 2 luv.


1. i used to when i was mad or just need time alone or something his music would just make it all better and it felt like i had no harms with him there but that was when i thought i was madly in love with him and i couldn't make it without him but i was wrong big time 2 not really cause my man goin be his self in his own special way

yeah i like dancing to his songz.. they maddd or try sing my lungz out hahaha

Yah Gurl..Harlem-Styze..

when I listen to his cd i drift away

I’m the epitome of this demonstration
I got the remedy
Ya feelin me
So why is you haten my anatomy? :()

hmmm. idk why but i find this a such a hard question. i mean by body language, interviews and tv he seems like a down to earth guy but ive never meet him or had on convo with him. so idk his ups and downs and all that. but i do listen to his music and just drift or

Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it" quoted by CB, himself

xxxCB iz a great singer, performer etc... down 2 earth and funny got da best qualities dats y his fans love him sooo..much! lolz! xxx

aww thats maddd to know.. i thought i was the only one that did that too hahaha...

and yup! that is a great package like honest to who!

Yah Gurl..Harlem-Styze..

i alwayz thought i wuz da onlii one. i alwayz play hiz music when im at home. when im down, i think about ma boo, nd i alwayz feel better. wheneva im alone i blast hiz cd and get on chrisbrownworld or watch hiz interviews and videos.


1) Whenever icome home from school or work..I put his music jus puts me in another world if only for a few minutes..ya feel me.

2)Hell yea i want a man with CB's traits!!! Modest,goofy,down to earth,etc.etc....that's a great package

It's ya gurl Joniesha from Cali....waitin for that lovey dovey, and that kiss kiss.

goh!.. aint no one wanna answer lmao.. ill answer my own question lmao..

1. I always drift away with his music cause his voice is so smooth.. i dont know.. its just nice to listen to lmao.. hard to explain but yuhz..

2. Damn straight i want ma man to have his traits.. he has the clothing thing going on and what not.. ma mans build is bigger than CBs tho.. but he got dimples like CB.. but the way CB dances aw i so wish ma man could dance like that.. and how CBz happy go lucky ya'kno.. that'll do for now

Yah Gurl..Harlem-Styze..