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Okay, we really need to do something about this dumb forum. Maybe we should make our own website with a better message board. This sh*t is rediculous. Does anybody have the webmaster's e-mail address that he posted a while ago. We need to e-mail him and let him know about this stuff. What is the point of replying if we can't even see them. For all I care they can give us the old format of the message board back, cause this is bullsh*t and I'm pissed off.


I know, right? I donbt even know how to look at replies! Thsi mess IS wack!
Hey, if ya'll remember me from the old *free* Chris Brown Messageboard add me and talk to me because I am very confused about this whole new thing!

i DOn't Knoe Buhh Not BeinG ABLE TO SEe REPliEs Is AnnOYing

yEA i FEEl it GRl CaLM doWN
i MiSS u B00 B00.....i WiLL NEvEr 4gEt yR TouCh...iF u ONLy NEw HoW i FElt...u JUSS Let ME Go SOO TERRiBLy....
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yeah gurl casuse 1 minute i waz on da old page den the next i waz on dis1 i lyke the old one better no offense or nothing
D0nt Hat3 M3 If U Aint M3 Caus3 Im Chris Br0wn B00!!!!!!!

I Agree Wit chu :]
FxCkiN_FAM0USz |K3lZ|