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Kinda Off Topic.. But Still Pertains 2 Chris In Many Ways....



"S.O.B. (Socially Offensive Behavior)", "College Hill", "Flavor of Love", "Hell Date" and so on. MTV Jams or VH1 Soul. What do I find? Black brothers talking about "bling bling" or "big pimpin." Why? Or I see my black sistas shakin it or lettin it all hang out while these same black brothers are pouring liquor over them or dry-humping them. What purpose does this, which you are doing, serve? Where are you going? What are you teaching the children? If my baby cousins can Pop, Lock and Drop It but they can't even spell "hello", then we have a problem my good people. Even though it was long before I was born, I remember there was a time when black artists tried to uplift their people, and it wasn't all about partying all the time. A time when James brown said it loud, because he was black and proud of it. If Martin Luther King Jr. was still alive today, do you think he could say it loud and still be proud? How could anyone be proud to say "I'm black" with the way we are letting people represent us?

In this same time period, Marvin Gaye asked what is going on with my people? Why are so many dying and being sent to jail? If he was still living, I know he would be just as confused, if not more, about where we are going.

Stand up and be loud, be proud. Represent your race--- for the better. Show them we are a strong people and that we have overcome slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, and being "niggers".

But my people, how can we, when we are constantly refering to ourselves and "niggas" and "b****es". I don't want to be "tha baddest b****" and I sure AS HELL don't want to be a nigga. I am an intelligent, respectable young woman and I don't deserve that. Calling someone a nigga demotes them from the status of human being to something 110x of lesser value and worth. When the master would force his slaves to work and he would whip them, he wasn't whipping human beings because to beat another human being is hard, so we were less than human. We were niggers.

Those of us who are gang-banging and shooting up people because of a drug deal gone wrong, or because you looked at some one the wrong way, you know you're wrong. How can we escape stereotypes when niggas keep pulling us back? Recently, a stolen car was pulled over for speeding in Brooklyn. The people inside didn't want to be caught so they shot at the officers. One Asian who was shot in the arm and the other White and was shot twice in the face. He died.

The men were caught, because in their car was a bucket of chicken that was used to track their DNA. Now I'm not saying chicken is bad cuz I can't lie, it's good. The bad part is the three men in the car were African-American. Who is gonna break our chains and free us from our 21st century slavery? You're just showing the white people and everyone else we really are niggers.

It is so much easier to kill a nigga than is to kill a human being, much less a black brother or sister. "Yea let's go kill dat nigga". To kill a black brother is far more difficult, if not impossible. Black brothers are strong and don't let anyone stop their fighting spirit. Niggas are ignorant, illiterate and easy to bring down. The part that really makes the two different is the fact that niggas like to be ignorant and illiterate. Black brothers and sisters are strong because they have the history of all those other black brothers and sisters who fought for them. Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and all the others who died fighting the struggle for freedom and equal rights. Niggas have no true foundation to build on, because they have either forgotten it or choose to ignore it so they can be "ballin". They have no positive history to lift them higher. No souls of power from the past pushing them forward, because instead of staying niggers, those souls fought and became black soldiers. Niggas are not black brothers and sisters.

So you're reading this and you're saying, "I'm just saying it to my friends cuz it means yea, we're cool we're boys" Let me ask you this then. What if one of your white friends says it. It's offensive and you get pissed right? But he/she is your homie, your friend. Basically you're telling me that it's okay to demean and diminish the being of of a fellow black person because you're both black? I think I'll pass on doing that. Honestly, when anyone calls me a nigga I get very offended, and when I hear someone I love or respect say it, it hurts me, and changes the way I can look at them and think about them.



i mean hey, someone had to do it, and at that moment in time, God called me, so i did it. thanx 4 tha support yall

~* !t'$ J@d3 Tw33tY h3R3!!! r3Pp!N 2010*~

wow. that stuff is deep. i mean understand where your coming from and it needs to STOP!

Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it" quoted by CB, himself

yeah i've heard that lot!!.. "i didnt put the "er" on the end tho".. the point IS you still say it.. im not African-American.. BUT! manz i fully understand where your coming from.. its just the same in my culture! "Maori" alot of maori diss themselves.. putting themselves down and acting like the typical maori stereo-type that the Europeans started up!.. i dont have no racial hate for any culture.. i just dont see why my own race would put themselvez down.. it REALLLLLYYYYYYYYYY annoys me!! Especially when they try not to act like a maori.. i mean we are our own.. we should love who we are and where we come from.. History hasnt been very nice to both our cultures.. and we were both treated the same.. im glad to see a person that has the strength to stand up for what they believe and like i said before.. THAT! is why i have respect for you!
Yah Gurl..Harlem-Styze..

wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww gurl! really long but sooo true! i feel u on that one..and guess what i realize..i hadnt said that n word in a

I just wish people would actually take it seriously. Nigga is not a good word no matter how you say it. It's not a term of endearment because you didn't put the "-er" on the end of it. It's still the same word, you're just being lazy with it. Some people are just ignorant and don't care.. it hurts me to know people could actually care that little about the things they say to others.....

Thank you Harlem-Styze.. I'm glad there's some who understand

~* !t'$ J@d3 Tw33tY h3R3!!! r3Pp!N 2010*~

yeah fully!!.. understandable tho.. i mean lot of people were raised around stereo-types they just dont know about it.. like yah said.. "ignorant" but some are "innocently Miss +informed+" lolz.. kno'wata'mean.. b

Yah Gurl..Harlem-Styze..

normal ppl wont read this because they're too ignorant to want to change their ways, or to read about someone tellin them they're wrong.

~* !t'$ J@d3 Tw33tY h3R3!!! r3Pp!N 2010*~

That was really long.. Yet i managed to read the entire thing.. both comments..

I feel you on what your saying.. typical stereo-types piss me off!!

Yah Gurl..Harlem-Styze..

i'm sure we all don't need speeches were older and know all these things and still don't do nothing about so honestly ask your self ddo they really care and listen to yo answer

Bow Wow: "Fresh Azimiz", "Shortie Like Mine", "Don't Know Bout Dat". Omarion: "O". Chris Brown: "Ya Man Ain't Me", "Is This Love", "You". On Omarion and Chris Brown's debut albums, they gave extensive thanks to the Lord God Almighty and Jesus Christ. How can you say such a word and then give praise? It's so contradictory and as much as I love both of them, I can't imagine that someone I look up to would say such a thing. I'm ashamed to even use Jesus' name and nigga in the same sentence.

"I'ma be that nigga that'll change her.." -Is This Love.

"You make a nigga wanna get involved. Wanna get them draws" -O.

"But I bet he didn't count on a lil nigga like me comin round" -Ya Man Ain't Me.

"Don't be frontin tell a nigga what's real." -You.

Then in Chris Brown's last song, "Thank You", he thanks God for giving him the extra push he needed and that he has come this far by faith.

Yes Lord. Thank you for allowing me to degrade myself, this beautiful being you created to serve you. Oh yes, don't let me forget all the countless rappers who thank God but still keep doing wrong. It hurts but they do it anyway. Ludacris, T.I., Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Huey, Lil Boosie, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Snoop Dogg and Crime Mob, just to name a few. I like them just like the next person but I want my race to represented by positive artists, like Common or Kanye West. I want to represented in a positive manner and I want them to want to.

But what really bugs me is that it is apparently ok for Fat Joe, a hispanic person, to say nigga like he is black. Shouldn't that be offensive?

Why not?

No matter how you put it, it's still wrong. "Oh he's a minority like us." What about Asian people? Can they say it too? "Oh he acts black." HOW THA HELL DO YOU ACT BLACK? If that's how you act black then I don't want to be black.

The next thing I want to address is an issue that angers and confuses me to the highest power. It's the image that has been set in stone for my black sisters. How are we supposed to explain to a guy who asks us for sex that we are not that kind of girl they see in the videos? That mess they do in the videos isn't cute. IT'S DIRTY AND SLUTTY. And it says to your mama that you have no respect for her and to everyone else that you have no home training. When you walk down the street and there is a group of black teenagers standing together at the movies or something, what do you assume the girls are to the boys? Their sisters? Cousins? Friends? Girlfriends? What do you assume they act like? What their morals are? No need to assume, because not before long, they will show you. They might mug you or get in your face if you look at them too long, or start being loud and ghetto and acting as if they were the "baddest b****". Or one of the guys might grab their breast or their butt, make a sexual gesture, feel up on them or if your at a party they will most likely be grinding on them and what do they do?

They giggle.

Is that supposed to be sexy, or cute? That's triflen. What makes you think the guys actually want you for you? He don't like you, but he likes your "tig ass biddies". Where did all of this come from? Who taught us to act this way? Posting sexually explicit material of ourselves on Myspace and acting this way on T.V.? Flavor of Love, one of the biggest examples, told everyone that black girls were dirty, slutty, catty, and would do anything for a man they just met. Charm School was supposed to be a way for these women to straighten up and be ladies. Some did, some did not. Larissa a.k.a. Boots, never really learned her lesson. Her partner in crime, Shay a.k.a. Buckeey, after a while learned to stand up for what is right and be a new person. On the reunion show, Larissa got into it with Mo'Nique and Mo almost knocked her out. I don't feel like explaining what happened next but it was phenomenal. Just go watch the episode. Anyway my point is that we don't have to be so tough all the time. It's not necessary to put up a front to get someone's attention. If you just met a man, or if you're claiming a man that doesn't even know you exist, it's just making you look desperate fighting with other girls over him. You don't have to show your butt or your breasts to be beautiful. Being yourself is the most attractive thing you could possibly do in a real man's eyes. Take it from me, plenty of guys will ask you out and be interested in you if you are yourself.

PLEASE, my fellow black people, do not fall into the trap that is pop culture. Rosa, Coretta and Martin would want you to stand tall and be black. James Brown said it loud, now it's your turn to find a true reason to be proud. The word nigga has been buried. Stop using it. Think about the true meaning of your words, and remember that true black soldiers don't put up a front, they don't kill each other over nonsense and they stand together. As One, Forever and Eternity.

We Shall Overcome, We Shall Overcome. Good Lord Almighty, we shall overcome

~*Peace Love and Hairgrease

~* !t'$ J@d3 Tw33tY h3R3!!! r3Pp!N 2010*~