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Take You Down Video

This is a topic that I know all yall r thinkin about. The take you down setting and everything. Im thinking its in a bedroom on the highest floor of building. Its gray outside and its nice windows.

A canopy bed with white linen. He talkin to her then he start singin the 1 verse then . While hes doiin that he gets in front of her. Then they start slowly going down on the bed. Know he on top of her . Thats all I have for know. But what yall think what suggestions do yall have.


he might not make a video for it cause of controversy but i think if he does he's gonna finally kiss a girl and it's gonna kinda be like bow wow's video out of my system when they were in the bedroom.i don't think he'll make it too freaky if there is a too freaky these days.chris need to make a video for this song and at least release it on the internet.please!!!!
lcb (loves chris breezy)

It's gonna be hott that's all I have and care to know....

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I wanna see him kiss a girl too...i can't wait for the take u down video to come out..u think he gon do an acess granted for it?
It's ya gurl Joniesha from Cali....waitin for that lovey dovey, and that kiss kiss.

yea, it might be like Bowwow video. But i want sum diff. Stormin outside. At a hotel. He shoulda said "Here we are in this car" BE A FREAK, CHRIS! LOL. I'm j/k
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ya i want 2 c him kiss also but i think it will b like outta my system

i luv chris brown <3

ummm dat does sound like "Outta my System" video...just betta cuz Chris is in it...But i think they gonna be in a room (duh!) then yall of a sudden wen da break come in he gonna start kissing her....but am i da only one dats wants him to kiss...and i mean really kiss a girl. I wanna be dat girl but im sayin if it aint.... i wanna see how he kiss...wit those juicy lips...!...ok i feel really dirty rite now lol

omg, im gettin so hot already. i cant wait 2 c da video


hmmm. i think its gonna be like outta my system by bow wow, like that type of video. idk, i think its gonna be in a house and i guess everything you said like he is talking to her then he starts singing. I think he gonna start shooting it after the VMAS, im not sure though

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