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contnutionof old story thick and still gettin it

spec- ray
this is a story about a thick gurl who sometimes feels like she is over looked until one day she meets chris brown the celeb whom she had always been in love with! she wins a mtv homecoming queen contest, sponsered by monique. she is nereves a t first but finds a whole new world!


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alarm clock going off
rolls over and hits the snooze buttton
s:another damn day!
goes to the shower and does her hygeine thing
then heads to the closet
and pulls out
this looksin the mirror
s:damn im a sexy big gurl
grabs her shades and keys and heades to school
bumpin llyods certified.
gets to school
ray:uh-oh look who just pulled up
eb lookin to see who she talkin bout
sadee gets out her 745 black bmw
mjay:oh s*** is that my gurl sadee?
sarah:look at mami lookin fly
the whole school stop and look at her
s: hey yall was poppin?
r:u poppin!
eb: yep, right ,uhuh
s:damn i miss atlanta!
r: we missed u!
just then sadee enemy walks past
reeree(sorry ree ree no hard feelins!)
ree:look we got a elephant in our school tip baby call the zoo and tell them we have their missin animal!
her crew rollin
s:b**** please get ur orangatang ass on!
ree ree walks into the building
s:its b****es like her who mess me up! swear skinny b****es is evil! ji'miya walks up with slickem
j:wass good yall? how was everybody summer?
mjay:hows the baby Ji'miya?
j:she doin good, she went to her grandma house this summer while we was in mami!
the bell ring
s: iight yall i'll see yall later!
first period
runit or dump it let me know yall!