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HAMPTON,VA! cause Hampton Colisium is tha best so demand [duh!] and if your nawt in VA demand him in your state/city who knows it might make them get the tour together faster.And if you already demanded him to your city demand him in other places that's close to your city like i kno i live in tha 757 so i'm gonna demand him in other places in 757 also! DO IT NOW!

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he just basically gotta come to a part of Virginia we can all go too. Richmond is central so that's good. He needs to do something for the kids our here, like he did for Harlem. That would be cool.

Chris needs to do at least a little something near his home high school (which I currently attend)! We got a little something around 2 or 3 years ago but we ain't heard nothing since then. Chris, you need to keep up with your boys.

It wold be nice if he came to Richmond, the capital of V.A .
Everybody in Virginia should know where that is.

chris needs to come to fredericksburg, va

Chris really does need 2 come 2 VA. He should come to Charlottesville cuz we don't have anyone good come here it iz like so whack all we hav iz country singers and rock bands n stuff come here.

He really does need to ocme to VA though
[[.Lite.Brite. aka .Jalynne.Breezy.]] (c/o '09)
New York...Im Coming Back...Until Then...Im Holding It Down In VA...

Yall $ real


Chris really needs to come back to Portsmouth,Virginia Beach or Hampton. It really dont matter where he go cuz I will be there to c him. He need to show the 757 some luv so i can return it

!N H!S M!ND H3 F@NT@Z!3 8OUT &3TT!N W!T M3

Chris you need to come back to the 804!. i last saw you at the fair grouds at the back to school tour!.
melinda is 20 and the princess of the 804
804 loves chris brown

OMGSH chris u need to come to va!!!! CUZ.... you're wifey for lifey is single, sweet about 5 feet (5"5' to be exact) and the cutest thing that you'll ever meet!


one thing we still don't know is WHERE'S CHRIS'S DAMN HOUSE ?
lmaooooo yeaah i wonder

shieeet i don't wana drive down to hampton he should come to richmond again like last timee AHH kingsdominion was the BOMB !! dude need to come backkk to his ROOTS !

he needs to come to the hampton coliseum, because i hate driving to va beach for shows. it takes like, 2 hours in concert traffic and my dad always gets lost, even though he claims he knows where he's going lmao. but seriously, nobody good ever comes to this side of the water, and if chris stays in a hotel in hampton/newport news... oh, i'm stalkin him lol.... but watch him go to the scope in norfolk or something like that, cause i wish he would have me out in the cold at the VA beach amphitheatre. no doubt i'll do it if i can bring a blanket and hot chocolate, but still lol, i'd rather not