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Read This!!!!!!!!! (please and thank you)

KISS KISS..................
**The Billboard Hot 100**
This week: 74
Last week: 100
Weeks on chart: 2
Peak Position: 74

**Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs**
This week: 17
Last week: 26
Weeks on Chart: 7
Peak Position: 17

**Rythmic Top 40**
This week: 30
Last week: --
Weeks on Chart: 1
Peak Position: 30

**Hot Video Clip Tracks**
This week: 5
Last week: 14
Weeks on chart: 2
Peak Position: 5

**Hot Ringmasters**
This week: 4
Last week: 11
Weeks on Chart: 3
Peak Position: 4

**Hot 100 Airplay**
This week: 53
Last week: 68
Weeks on Chart: 2
Peak Position: 53

**Hot RnB/Hip Hop Airplay**
This week: 17
Last week: 26
Weeks on Chart: 6
Peak Position: 17

**Well Wall to Wall has pretty much dropped off the really important charts so I took it off the list if it comes back up I'll add it again. In other news Kiss Kiss is still moving up although its still a little slow in my opinion. Ringmasters and Video clips ( I think Kiss Kiss is my absolute fave video hes done so far) are really really close to #1 they're at #4 an #5 respectively. Almost isnt good enuff so buy this ring tone and shoot it up to #1 we're so close we can do it. Kiss Kiss has shot past what Wall to Wall did on the RnB charts up to #17 nice but once again it can be better, lets keep moving on up. I dont know about yall but I hear Run it on the Radio more than I hear Kiss Kiss and thats no good so lets keep pushing. As for the Hot 100 arguably the most important behind the Billboard 200 we are not teettering on the edge any more Chris is up to #74 which still isnt the most comfortable place to be. C'mon guys lets get fired up I know after a while you start to fall off when it comes to requesting the song and voting for the video because you kind of loose the motivation but heres the deal I love the song I know that you love the song and the more others people (non chris brown fanatics) hear the song the more they will love it and you wont have to work as hard to get the record played; therefore get on the phone lines and on the websites and keep requesting Kiss Kiss. Like I said before I have posted links to major market radio stations and to trl and 106 and park but in case you missed that post I'll post it again. Really it will only take 5 mins out of your very busy lives to vote at least once at each link and move Chris up the charts. I wont stop until he's #1 and I hope your with me. Unitl next time**


---Just like I promised, Here are your links now get to voting.... Please and Thank you--
So heres the deal when the song is played in major market cities it carries more weight in the ranking on the charts so I'm gonna post direct links so you can vote in New York, LA, and Atlanta.

New York:
Hot 97 Angie's top 4 @ 4

Hot 97 Funkmaster Flex top 8 @ 8

Power 106 Tito's top 4 @ 4 (you dont actually have to wait an hour to vote again just a little over a minute then you can click on Tito's top 4 @ 4 on the left hand side of the page and vote again)

Power 106 Miguels top 8 @ 8 (you can keep voting just wait about 30 seconds before you click on Miguels top 8 @ 8 on the left hand side of the screen)

102.7 KIIS FM JoJo's top 9 @ 9 (You can vote as many times as you want!!!!!!)

93.5 KDAY

Hot 107.9 (you can make up all the info ie zip code, e-mail, address, name it doesnt have to be legit. I use 12345 as my zip code)

**Here's some extra's if you are in a voting mood:

Houston 97.9 the box (he's #2 right now so close to #1)

Detriot Hot 102.7 (kiss kiss is #21 as of now that can definitely be improved upon)

-- there it is no excuses--


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Great,Thanks for posting this!

This need to go up!

{Pickin up Broken pieces 4rm my heart...}
My name is Kayla a.k.a. Kay Kay
DiANNY (Twin)

~!~!~!~MY STORY~!~!~!~!~
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OMG! I call power 105.1 and Hot 97 in ny everyday or send a text.
We gotta support! =]
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awww its great your doing this CamCam.. It is dropping.. BUT!! its still on there.. its just entered my country so hopefully it gets up there!!.. more people just need to hear it thats all..

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Thank U!!! I'll help. I heard Kiss Kiss and Wall to Wall on the radio 2day on NY's 105.1. I'll call in and request 2 support Chris! Yay! There's somebody else out there who is a 100% Chris fan+supporter!!!