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U.s weelky/ 106 and park

First question. Do u think that next week's u.s. weelky is gonna have breezy in it or did that issue come out already. This week i looked inside the one that has heidi montag on it and i look in the table of content but i didn't see chris's name in it so i hoping that he'll be in the issue for monday.

Second queastion. When chris's album comes out i know he'll be on 106 and park can you hit them up and tell them hey let me get some tickets for when chris comes on or do you have to take what they give you?


thanks again ladies

I'm proud to be a chris brown fan

i believe his new cd is due out on the 6th of November according to at least.

yeah. yahoo is right, go on, i think they will have the answers. =]
Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it" quoted by CB, himself

I'm pretty sure something about him will be in there since he was at their party last week, and for the 106 and park question, you can go to and request to be on the show, but i dont think that they tell you who is going to be on, unless you want to request to be on the show the day his album drops