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This is to tell your experiences of the chris brown concerts. I remember chris was performing at the house of blues in hollywood and had been dying to go see chris in concert. we were in a really tight spot at the time, we was stayin in a 1 bedroom and it was 5 of us. so i knew my mom didn't have the money so i didn't bother to ask. well one day my mom and lil sis was comin out of ralphs and i heard my lil sis say " she is gonna be so happy" so i got suspicous. A few days later an envelope can to the house and when asked my mom what it was she said "oh it's nothin baby just a letter from my job". so the next day she asked me if i felt that mykail(lil sis) went more places on her birthday than i did. i said yea cuz every year she goes some where. that's when she pulled out 3rd row seats to chris brown concert. i cried for about 30 minutes. me and my cousin went and had so much fun. i wrote my number on his bus and everything ( but low key i was so nervous and exited about being there i forgot my name).

tell me if you had any suprises dealing with chris brown...


Omg wow!
I havent seen him yet, he hasnt been in England for a while.
But hes coming before the end of this year hopefully so I'll tell you then;)

"Since we ain't 21, they be trying to say it ain't love
'Cause we can't hit the clubs, they be trying to say we too young
I ain't saying that we trying to be grown, I'm just saying that we old enough to know
We got that young love, young love"