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The-Dream is Over Chris Brown By Ivory M. Jones
Posted October 1, 2007 -- Is music's latest beef between two of R&B's current "it" boys? It sure looks that way in an interview singer-songwriter The-Dream gave to about Chris Brown.

In the interview, The-Dream, who is the force behind Rihanna's summer hit, "Umbrella" and his own current single, "Shawty is a Ten," calls Brown out, vowing to never work with the heartthrob again.

Trouble began brewing between the two when the Dream-penned J. Holiday hit, "Bed," was being considered for Brown.

"The track, which was considered for Chris Brown--he thought it was his--but it was my record and I decided to give it up to J. Holiday," Dream recalled. "Chris said the record won't be No. 1 unless he's on it. I bet someone $500,000 that it would go to No. 1 and I collected my money last week." The song went on to spend three weeks atop Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

Despite the fact that he eventually won his bet, Dream says Brown's comments left a dirty taste in his mouth.

"He said the wrong thing to me. He has a track from me now that I was paid for already and I want to give him his money back," he declares. "At the end of the day, I'm big on principle and loyalty. Put that to bed."


o yea i saw dat on bet (read it on

Eyezofhazelness I agree with you dude wants some media attention . . .

why wud any1 not wanna give der song to chris???

mwah xXx

yea he did say he had no beef wit J. Holiday on 106...i saw that...The Dream is jus tryin to make shyt more than wat it is

It's ya gurl Joniesha from Cali....waitin for that lovey dovey, and that kiss kiss.

I agree with yah once again Don't be doing breezy dirty.

I'm proud to be a chris brown fan

here we go again...aye ya ya!

♥♥Hugz and Ki$$3$♥♥
You @!n't On My L3v3l So @d!o$

Ain't no damn beef between J-Holiday and Chris, Chris said he respects J-Holiday and what he did witht he song, I take it noone watched 106th and park when he address this thing, this website is just late on it. *smh*
Chris is human love him regardless

well, i guess thats him. i mean i would kinda get mad if you make a song for me and then give it to someone else. but idk......chris doesnt have anything on J. Holiday and anyway, hes the new guy. you could have one hit and nothing else, who knows. Anyway, recently, J.Holiday was on the radio and the station was asking about the chris and bed song. it was so funny cause he was like i have no beef on him and the when the station said that they have chris on the phone, he was uhhhhhhhhhh, can i go to the bathroom or something but they were kidding. chris wasnt on the phone.

Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it" quoted by CB, himself

i think it would have been interesting to hear chris sing ''Bed" but i guess you cant always have it your way well at least at the end of the day chris still has alot of better songs than "bed" that will make him a great singer1

i like beds. and i would of loved to hear chris singin it, but oh well there will be better songs

Honestly I never liked the song "bed" and I really dont like his song "shawty is a ten" both songs annoy me, actually umbrella annoyed me at first too but after a while I started to really like it. I dont know there is something about his songs that when I first listen to them I cant stand them. I dont know what really went down but IF it happened the way Chris said on 106 and Park and they told him the song was his and then changed their minds and gave it to J. Holiday then thats pretty f***ed up in my opinion. Chris said he didnt have an issue with J. Holiday

So are beef between J Holiday and Chris Brown? What your opinion?