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Ahhhh Lawd. Hey yall from the old board (Mainly)

Remember that one dude from the old board named "musicdu_114" or something like that. Smh! (A hot mess.) I think he's back just under a different name. (Check "Chris Discussion" like the first and second pages.)

And you thought when the new board started you were at least getting away from drama, Well guess what? *In a scary loud whisper* "He's Bacccccckkkkkkkkk!".....Hahaha, Ahhh lawd I smell fresh drama lurking around the corner.

((I just decided to give yall fair warning/A heads up.))


Yeah I remember. =|


yeah i remember..ugh..
: /

lmfao....I really don't know who your talkin about.But thanks for the warning.I'll make sure to bring my can of whoop ass.

B5 giving you something to move to.