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Posted by XLT


Hahaha!...I wonder how many of his thristy entourage members called them numbers saying they Chris? LOL!

i would have said f*** numbers i would have just jumped n the tour bus and hid until he came on and just jumped on him


Look at all the phone numba'

dats crazi..i cud imagine him comin out to see the bus and have a big ol smile on his face..ppl can prank call dat number and say its chris!..i think i just mite!

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Can we say groupiez enough timez??? Why in the HELL would ne1 put they # on his bus......thats funny

~If u are
What u say u r
A superstar
Then have no fear
The camera'z here
And the microphone
And they wanna kno......
If u are what u say u r~

i think its kind of cool how everbody signed his bus, thats different

ITSS NOT LIKE CHRISSS IS GONNA CALL AND BE LIKE YAH I SAW URR NUMBA ON MYY BUSS SO YAHH he even says that he aint gonna calll cuzz he didnt ask or whant thos3 #s

lOv3 ROCKS :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

people even wrote their numbers on his tour bus! lolz