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10/17/07: MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! yay me ~*15*~!!!!

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! it's also my mom's b-day cuz we share tha same birthday!!!! So i'm finally 15!!! and i felt so special today ppl i didn't even kno like dat we were wishin me a happy b-day and givin me hugs.. i guess when you're nice to someone that one time you see em it pays off!!! and my future boo Khalil gave me three hugs in a row and my best friend gave me a birthday kiss (on tha cheek lmao) this one guy i like chris (in my story) gave me a hug today as well....but.... after school i was cornered by some football players at the vending machines and they all gave me b-day licks!!! (except khalil... he promised not to hit me cuz he doesn't hit girls and then he hugged me realllll tight =) lol) me and my friend adib also have tha same b-day so i got him a regular size spongebob balloon and he shows up this mornin wit a HUGE COLOSSAL balloon!!!!! wow he made me so happy today. then my friend eden got me a stuffed dolphin!!! aww i love eden she's my sista for life. in practice everyone sang me happy birthday (happy birthday to ya, happy birthday!!! haaapppyy, happyy birthday...) and my mom brought brownies at tha end of practice an i gave em to everyone... TODAY WAS THA BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tomorrow ima get more stuff from everyone who forgot today... wow i didn't know i was so loved!! lmao but how am i gonna deal wit all dat stuffesses??? lls

When's y'all's b-days??? You kno I got chu lmao