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Chris baby, you really need to come to holland!!!
amsterdam is a great city, and all the great stars like it,
so 2 sho you would like it to..
well baby i hope to see you at a concert of yours in Amsterdam!!!!
you are way to cute !!



you must too come! and soon =D
bcause the us is a bit to far =P
i just want to meet&greet! your number1. fans are in the netherlands!
hope to see you soon!

im nt from holland originally, but if you can come here i would really go to your are awesome....and after your visit to Holland, can you please make your way to cape town, south africa...thank you very much....

blackrose 4 life

they are all right you have to come to Holland but come to Den bosch or Eindhoven closer to me so hope I will see you in holland bye bye

we were just talking bout this city in world history 2


Chris have to come.. but not to amsterdam.. its a little to far for me.. no just go to zwolle haha .. yah right.. a big star in zwolle ... keap on dreaming girl..
but what ever.. you have to come to zwolle.. and give a concert in ijsselhallen.. thats big enough..!!

bye.. XxX Rianne

Allemaal Chris Brown fans :)

Yes,you must come to holland!

yeahh, please come to Holland!
it be great if you did:)
Keep up the great work;) and hope to see you soon here in Holland.
good luck with everythingg.


yea you need to come to holland bcuz we miss you over hier soo ples come to our lovely country holland. you and you two look too cute are doing good work with them go on like that. Good luck with everything and we hoop to see you evey soon in holland. love you and your guys too

they are all right
you have to come to holland
MRS BROWN (love you)(K)

yeaahh chriss she's right!
please come 2 holland i'm waiting for you 2 come!
Pleeaseee come, don't let your holland fans down!
x naoual