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Behind the SCENES...Hot

Behind the SCENCES

***Chapter 1***
Everybody got up and tried to walk towards the exits after the awards ended

Coco:wheres Omari?
me:he's goin meet me at the club
Coco:ohhh jus checking u knw that lil hoe Ciara be all up on him in s***
M/v:Yo excuse me

me and coco turned around

me:Hey chris
chris:sayin my name like u knw me all like, naw how u doin?
coco:dnt act like u to good to speak negro!
me:(ignoring coco)good and you, how u been?
chris: u knw doin my thang gettin ready for this album to come out, you back again heard u and Mr. Omarion back together(lol)
me:yea, u knw

we both looked at coco

coco:ohh like that i got u...(she walked off knowing that me and chris had a little thign for eachother and that we needed our space)
chris:(giving me a long tight,more than friends type hug)i miss u
me:i miss u too
chris:act liek u to good ta call
me:u knw im never to good u to good ta answer
chris:so u goin to the party?
me:yea with coco and omari, you goin?
chris:yea with you knw who..
me:where she at neways?
f/v:babe its time ta go
chris:(lol), so aight ima catch up with u lata (he gave me a different type of hug this time and walked off blowing me a kiss)
me:bye Rihanna girl..bye chris (smiling)
O:you ready?
me:(jumping out of my skin) ohh s***!..i..i thought u were goin ta meet me there
o:change of plans...i gotta go sumwhere after the party u knw
me:w/e omari(i tried to walk off, he thought i was stupid i had seen him over there talkin to ciara whispering in her ear i knew hwere he was going after the party)
o:(grabbing my arm squeezing it tight) dont show out in front of all these ppl babe, cuz u knw u aint goin like the outcome so tell coco she ridon with shad
coco:catch yal later shad's takin me ta the party...luv ya girly
me:(jerking my arm away looking at omari who had it all planned out)yea we ready( a tear rolled from my right eye and before we stepped out of the doors he wiped it away and kissed me on the lips)


HAHA! Get it Chris! Laid O out! Get it PRETTY BOY!
She need to quit crying word up!
Run it!

---->Apologizin For How We Feel Is Like Apologizing For Being Real<----

Reppin CBH To the Fullest We Do It Big Cuz Theres No Other Way To Do It!!!

run it girl this story is good

Ya Girl Lynn

run it!


Help me iv'e fallen in love
And now I cant get up
Somewhere between your lips
Is where I think my heart slipped
I tried to catch myself
Not even I could of help myself from falling
I think that I'm in love

he came inside of me , laid on top of me looking into my eyes and kissed me on the forehead

o:u knw i love u rite?
me:....sometimes its hard to tell

i moved my way off the bed and walked into the bathroom, i locked the door and turned on the shower, i cleaned myself up brushed my teeth and got out, i got dressed while he stood on the balcony and talked i didnt even tell him i was leaving i just grabbed the keys and left. I called coco to see wat she was doin, but the phone jus rang and rang figured she was gone sumwhere so i stopped calling. i threw on sum glasses until i got to my car.

i closed my eyes and smiling knowing that voise from newhere, i turned around it was chris
chris:wait up(he ran over towards me)
me:wassup chris?
chris:nothin tryna find sumthin to dob4 i get up outta here u knw?
me:yea we leavin back hoem tommorrow too
chris:wat u doin ri-(he just stopped talking and looked at me and i looked back at him like wat the hell)he hit u again?
me:(putting my head down)
chris:(he started walking off back towards the hotel and i followed him)
me:chris please dont do nothin please ?

we walked into the hotel lobby and there omari was talking to ciara, he kissed her and my whole mouth dropped, chris walked up to him and punched him in the face and just kept hitting him...ciara just stood there looking at them fight i pulled chris off of omari and stood between them

chris:u's a b**** and always will be a b****, look at her f***ing face!! i oughta kill yo ass
o:why n the f*** u worried about it? thats our business ours not urs, get yo own f***ing life a stay the f*** outta ours
chris:she is mines, so shes my business! You aint have no f***ing right to do no s*** like that
o:your?? wtf u mean by that?
chris:u heard wat i said mines nigga.THis right here will always be mines!!
me:can yal stop yal making a damn scene s***, and b**** i advise u ta get the f*** outta here fa u see me act ghetto fa Peaches really show u wats up
ciara:its not wat it looks like katriece
me:then wat is it? huh? wat is it? b**** dnt say s*** ta me, my instincts was right i shoulda knocked yo ass out when i first thought sumthin was goin,
ciara:please dont make a scene out here we can talk about this sum other time u jus go ur separate way and will too
me:girl puh-lease!!-
m/v:no ma'am please to you liek the lady said separate ways we cannot have this going on

me and chris walked in the opposite direction as omari and ciara we got in his car and the tears becan to flow like a river and i couldnt stop them




No he didn't! NO SHE DIDN'T!
She is trippin all the way!
She better fix her last thought.
She wants Omari but she needs Chris
She don't need nobody right now. She need to get her ish together!
Run It!

CBH!!! Rep that all day!!!

Run It ♥

Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it
Missz Br33zY♥


Flames to dust
Lovers to friends
Why do all good things come to an end
Flames to dust
Lovers friends
Why do all good things come to an end


Finally Gurl..!!!
I though u flopped out of ur story..thank god u baccc
Run It♥
Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it
Missz Br33zY♥


my phone rang it was coco

coco:are u ok they wont let me up there girl u knw its under a name i dont knw...
me:(crying) ima kill him
coco:wats the name so i can come up there
me:mar-(the call had dropped)

i sat on the bed and cried in my hands, i looked like 20 ppl had jumped me. He had never did nothin like this, i mean it was maybe a bruise here and there a busted lip or a black eyes but this, this was crazy. It was over i couldnt take this s*** no more

the door opened it was him

o:baby im so sorry(he touched my shoulder and i punched him in the face, he jus looked at me and i jus kept hiting him i knw he didnt think sum damn gifts was going to change this, i hit him and he jus stood there)
me:look at me u lil b****, I HATE YOU!!! DO U SEE THIS s***!! WTF WERE U THINKING???
O:Im sorry
me:(slappingh im in the face as i cried) I HATE U!!
O:i deserve that (he said wiping the blood from the side of his mouth)
me:(taking the ring off my finger) Im not marrying u, i cant do this s*** no more Omari, im sick of u hitting me, im sick of u period, i dont deserve this s***
O:u rite u dont, go back to yo low income ass job, and being a broke ass hoodrat, u dont deserve me neways, u lucky u even lasted this f***ing long

HE and I both knew wat he was doing, he was tryna make me feel like i wasnt good enuff for him and that i was lucky to even be with him and that i was nt s*** without him, and it worked everytime, he walked up behind me holding my waist and kissed my neck

O:i love u, i do u gotta believe me when i say that im sorry fa doing this to u...cause i am and i promise that it wont happen again
me:r u fa real this time?
O:real as they sorry ma, u see i jus spent a house payment on u, im sorry, im sorry fa wat i jus said too
me:(i closed my eyes and the good times we had flashed before my eyes, this was not wat i needed to see i opened my eyes and pulled away) No u say this all the time Omari

he knew this wasnt about to work this time he had to put in serious work so he walked in front of me and backed me into the bed and i fell i tried to scoot away from him but i really didnt want to he pulled off my jeans and made love to me, the whole time all i thought was im so stupid for thinking he really loves me, i knew i should have been packing my things right now but where would i go, home? wat was there? he was right i didnt have s*** w/o him...I wished this was chris, he did love me, we love eachother...Omari hes not wat i want but he's wat i need

run it

its ur giri ki ki

ooh, finally you posted. but it wasn't much. you can't leave us hangin girl! what happens next?


maid:im so sorry i jus was told to bring these flowers from a man on the 16th floor i jus bring them im sorry
me:(mouth dropping) no im sorry im so sorry...i thought u were sumbody else
coco:who is it?
me:girl the maid
coco:(lol) thats wat yo ass get who are the flowers from chris?
me:yea girl, thanks
maid:its ok its ok(she handed me the flowers and walked off)

i was closing the door reading the note in the flowers and talking to coco on the phone and didnt realize omari was at the door

O:who in the f*** is sending u flowers in s***?
me:hold up where u been
O:dont ignore my question, where the flowers come from?...i knw u aint
me:aint wat f***ing sum nigga other than u?...please get away wit all that s***, im grown nobody says s*** when u go f*** on ciara, do i? nope so get up out my s***, hello coco...yea girl so they sum roses girl, pretty too
coco:girl im on my way make sure nothin happens to yo ass
O:you grown...u must have forgotten who u talking to or sumthin huh? (he pushed me into a wall)
me:Leave me alone!!!!(i dropped the phone to the floor)
O:(he took off his chain and started walking towards me) You stay talkin s***!!! Dont run now

He started hitting me and for the first time i hit him back i slapped him across the face he looked up at me holding the side of his face i knew he was mad he wrapped his hands around my neck and lifted me off the ground he shook me as he yelled at me, and i cried as i gasped for air>I looked him in the eyes he was a new person this wasnt the Omari i knew he was furious i couldnt breathe no more, it felt like my eyes had popped out of my head i gave in and everything went black as i felt my body drop to the ground, i woke up in the hotel bed surrounded with gifts, i tried to get up, but i couldnt my body hurt so bad but i forced myself to get up i walked to the bathroom and it didnt even look like me, i didnt even remember all of these hits, my eyes were black my lip was busted there were bruises everywhere, this wasnt me i didnt look like this .....IM f*** HIM UP!!!!!

Gurl where u @
Run It!!♥

Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it
Missz Br33zY♥

Run It

run it. &hearts;



Run It♥!

Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it
Missz Br33zY♥

Oh my goodness- hellooooo? Run it, please.

(((I Don't Trust Him, Though I Still Love Him, No Longer Want Him&hearts;)))

COME ON!!!!!!!!!!

run it


oh shyt
Run It♥

Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it
Missz Br33zY♥

Oh ISH!!!!
I can only think of things that could happen
1) he grabbed her by the throat
2)He kissing her
3)He just knocked the hell out of her......

CoCo a mess.

I want to know what happens next


run it gurl i wanna know wut happens next

Baby i'm a winner, didn't even take me twelve rounds to do it, got the tittle now, he gonna tell the whole world, to give it up for his girl(dats me, just in case you ain't no)

run it plz

/me:(realizes he was serious i wiped the tears from my eyes and walked off) I cant deal with this s*** rite now(i openedthe door and closed it witout even looking back)
jay:bye peaches
me:....(i stood at the elevator door until it opened and i rushed in and waited for the door to close)

i went to my room and fell on my bed crying, i cried because i wasnt good enuff for my man who was prolly in his room f***ing ciara, because i just walked away from the man i love because i was scared that he was going to treat me rite and i was going to f*** it up, crying was the only thing i knew how to do.

my phone rang it was coco

coco:who ass i need ta beat?
me:(lol thru my tears) nothin im fine
coco:you sure cause u knw shads s*** aint the best ill come back ta the hotle fa my girl
me:no coco stay please i dont wanna talk about it rite now

there was a knock on the door

me:who could it be, maybe its omari's punk ass, hol up coco
coco:okay give it ta his ass girl cuss his ass out heard he was with the other hoe
me:girl i am(opening the door w/o looking thru the peep hole ) where in the f*** have-
coco:finish girl dont stop u on a roll.....

Omg poor Chris!!
Run It♥