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N3v3r l3@v3 ur s1d3

We were friends in first grade lovers in third.Got seperated in 7th grade.Why did love have to end.Im Chasaty Wlliams.I thought every things was peaches and cream when we were together.The love of my life Christopher Maurice Brown.Why do things bad things happen like gettin seperated from your friend,love,and soulmate!!!!!He said he would never leave my side.We would seat out in the hallways and kiss on the lockers till the bell ring like we were in Highschool.You could never tell us we wouldnt last!!!!He would jump a nigga for sayin that.I would jump a b**** who thought they could have him.I know it sound all lovey dovey but thats not how it was.We had our bad times.Why did we have to be seperated.Why couldnt we just live our whole lives together 4 ever,but anyways I grew up.I stop thinkin bout him I knew he would never cum back.I started over and promised my self to never fall in love again.(stupid huh)Until I saw the new guy in town!!!!!!
Run it if you like it.Dump it if you dont I kinda like it but its up to yall!!!!So run it 4 me!!


run it


run it



run it
(¯`•¸·´¯) jãzIÿn ƒµkkiin ßaßY (¯`·¸•´¯)

i hear chris is lookin 4 somebody he can call boo i wud change mah name to boo and mess around and call u so what chu wanna do lol boy i am a blood suru baby boy we need a moment yah digg lol

Man imma write yall baq!!!So keep up wit the Run it!!!!

**!!~@ st@RrAh jUsT s3nT y0u @ m3sS@g3~!!**

First Chap!!!!!

Cast:The Pple who in the story!!!!!

Chasaty:Main Charecter!!!!
Chris:MAin Charecter!!!!
Neosha:My Best Friend,Ride or Die Chick!!!!(MAin Charecter)
Meme:my Bestfriend(Main Charecter)
Steve:Chris Partna(Chasaty Brother)
Trey:Chris Partna
Mo Pple L8ter on!!!!!

First Chapter!!!!
(Seatin on the front porch)

Chasaty:(talkin to Neosha)Man what you goen do this summer.
Neosha:Imma just chalax.Try to find me sumone to chalax wit.
Chasaty:I aint I got you....(inturpted)
Neosha:I sorry but you is gone find you a man.You goin to the 11th grade and you aint had know man sense 7th !!!!
Chasaty:I know.Dont remind me.
Neosha:Well sumbody has to.You still stuck on Chris?Girl you need to move on.Its other niggas round here.
Chasaty:I know nobody like Chris though.
Neosha:MAn Imma have to break you out of this.huh!?
Chasaty:Yea!! I just dont know how.
Neosha:Just be cool.Dont think about him.
Chasaty:Look at that fine boy tats movein in over there were Chris use to stay
Neosha:Yea he fine lets go meet him and invite him to the hood.
Chasaty:Maybe l8ter.We stilll need to find out who.I wanna go out wit.
Neosha:Wat wat about Dre.
Chasaty:Naw.That nigga flirt wit other girls to much!!!!
Neosha:tru wat about.........Keneth.He fine and he on the baskectball team.
Chasaty:Yea he is kinda fine.
Trey:Yo Nene wat yo fineself du n!!!!!!(Wlakin up to the porch)
Neosha:Nuttin.Wat up wit you trey.
Trey:Nuttin.Just Chalaxin.Wat up Neosha.
Neosha:Nuttin look at you.
Chasaty:Yall need to stop frontin and go out wit each other!!!
Trey:what you talkin bout.
Trey:Yea thats wat I thought.
Steve:Yo wats up.Trey.(Walkin up to the porch)
Trey:Nuttin.Wats been up with you.
Steve:Nuttin just chalaxin.
Trey:Yo lets go talk to that boy over there.They move n in????
Chasaty:Yea.We got stuff to do so we gone hit yall up l8ter.
Chasaty:(Talkin to Steve)Dont stay out all night.
Steve:I aint.Imma just chill wit Trey!!!!
Chasaty:wat eva.


Trey;Lets go over there.
Steve Aight.
Trey:Yo wat man.Im Trey this my Partna Steve,but I call him Steveo.
Boy:wat up.
Trey:You got a name.
Trey:Wat up Chris yo me and my partna bout to go in his house and play sum video games.You wann cum.
Chris:Maybe l8ter I gotta finish unpackin.
Trey:i aight then Its that house ova there.(Poitin to Steve&Chasaty)
Chris:Yall still gone be playin round 8.
Chris:Alright then imma be there.
Trey:Aight we out man.

**** L8ter 0n****

Neosha:(talkin to the Boys)What yall wanna eat.
Steve:I want some pizza.
Chasay:Wat they want.
Neosha:They wanted sum pizza.
Chsaty:Alright imma order pizza then.
****Ding Dong(the doorbell)*****
Neosha:Who is it.
Chasaty:Wat!!!!!!!!!!OOOOWWWW my!!!!!!!
Run it 4 mo.!!!!!!!!

!~**[@ sT@R jUsT s3nT y0U @ c0mM3nT!!Y0u r V3rY lUcKy!!!!]**~!

run it
i love it alreadii

run it
dnt Talk computer shiit, talk it n real life

i like it add more and read my story thug love and let me no wut u think. Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy i get to give you the first RUN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby i'm a winner, didn't even take me twelve rounds to do it, got the tittle now, he gonna tell the whole world, to give it up for his girl(dats me, just in case you ain't no)