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"Picture Perfect"~DEBUT~*A Chris Story*


When I seen him I stopped in awe. I couldn't believe he was in my presence. Right here smiling in my face ready to hear my name slip out of mouth into his ears. It was like time stopped all around me and everything was in slow motion. I tried to study his beautiful face completed with light bright skin ,pink luscious lips, and carefully groomed eyebrows. It was amazing. It was just Chris Brown. The most cutest guy in the whole damn school. Right here at my locker I had to zone back into time.

Chris-Are you gonna tell me your name or just ignore me?

I didn't want to ignore him. I was just in shocked. The hallways was just so empty right now and it was just me and him.

?-Its...Robin..I'm sorry, you just surprised me..
Chris-Oh I'm sorry to have surprised you Robin. Forgive me. I'm Chris.
Robin-I know.
Chris-Yeah. So....are you gonna give me Mr.WestBury notes or what?

Oh yeah I forgot who I was for a minute. My name is Robin and I'm 17 and labeled as the school's ultimate geek. I was pretty but I never really showed it off cause I believed looks wan;t everything. I had looked into my locker and grabbed the notes and gave it to him. He had smiled and looked at me.

Chris-Thanks again Robin. I'll see you around.
Robin-Uh huh. You too.

I had smiled and he smiled and shook his head and walked away. He sneaked a peak back at me and went by his way. That was weird. No guy has ever did me like that before. But I know that I am crushing on Chris. I wasn't sure if Chris was doing the same for me but I know that he was PICTURE PERFECT!


OMG, run it.
LiL Angel...

RUN IT RUN IT sooooo good

run it....this is cute!!!

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RUN IITT! so cute lemme knw if u need characterz!!!

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