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I'm so bored ain't nothin on tv. I decided to look at what on demand and seen
that they finally put Chris's Punk'd episode on there I was all happy lol and thats
the only thing i've been doin was watchin that over and over and over lol I don't mind
though he lookes soooooooo cute! lol Anyways back to being bored...


lol yea I liked when he got mad too look like he was bout to beat that dude up lol
Oh yea and i'm still bored lol

~Yanna aka Precious~~La yu chris!!~~
Young girl been turned 16 and I got cute clothes and hot shoes that
I bought Keep 3 or 4 cuties on my clock The way Chris singin just got
me trippin and I wanna kiss him Change day time back to the night life
cuz Chris talkin that talk that I like That sexy smile with that fine body Maybe
the reason that all these fellas can't get my numba lol

thnx for the info about chris bein on demand imma watch now so i wont be kno imma be back shortly tho.....

I'm so effin lovely
N U got me sayin
Love me roughly!!
~~My Version of Chris Breezy'z Help Me................. lol......sike naw i need 2 stop............

yh u knw how boiz be with there mommas but yh its a madd borin weekedn in the A....

Love is composed of one soul inhabiting two bodies

lmao!!!! I'm bored as heck too, *sigh* lol I'm trying to find some stuff on youtube about Chris that I haven't seen yet, but I believe I done just about every darn thing, and about all his pictures on lol *sighing again* I saw the punk episode, and he doesn't play when it comes to his mother, I like when he get's mad, and he was really young on that episode lol too cute!
Chris is human love him regardless