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~***cast call for my new story heart to heart break

i'm looking for people to be in my new story heart to heartbreak hitme up if you want to be apart of it!!!!


Thats whats up!
Hey it's Taya not Tanya.
Run It

name: Aque'ya aka kiki
age: 17 or wateva fitz
personality: im am a very sweet girl, i can get along with anyone, im funny crazy and spontaneous. but ppl dont see that in me on 1st glance kuz im also quiet and antisocial being from new york people think i have attitude str8 off tha back. im loyal to my friends and will do n*e thang 4 n*e one untill they cross me then its ova and i do hold grudges 4 ever. im a lover no a fighter and i have high tolerance but ppl no wen i start speakin spanish to back away at least 50 fee. yes im a mixed breed dominicna and black
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mah boo Rick:
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Role: cousin or real close enemy

~@~S*I*C in tha buildin~@~ Starrin Ruby Redd aka La princesita Dominicana bka Dat Brooklyn Dyme aka Brooklynz Fynest aka Kiki

i'mma use all of ya'll Nneka you will be chris's wife
tanya you will be her best friend trina u r Nneka's ex boyfriend trey's wife
and finally brittani your chris mom and kalisha you Nneka's sister rachel your chris new girl
i will post the storii soon look out for it it should be up tomorrow!!!
clyneisha soo sexy

yea...i think I'm you're girl for that role:
look through my stuff and tell me what you think?

name: Nneka

age: 18 years old

location: Trinidad (in the Caribbean-in case you did not know)

nickname: KrayzieHottie, Sexy Toothpick, Angry Mosquito lol

personality: revengeful, independent, hate to study, hate not being trusted, kind-hearted, loving, lives by ' an every thing's peachy' attitude, fun to be around, funny, loves to act, a great listener, a class clown at times-- but get my work done, love sports (done almost everything in the book), adventurous, loves making friends.....i speak to anyone, anywhere(my friends think i'm crazy), i'm a normal 18 year old...been around a lot of, god is important(i guess) really they important, they sort of identity who you are..

ant way can get back at me if you think i am the one you are looking for...if not good luck in your story and i wish you further success....

Name: Tramaine
Nickname: Taya, Maine, Mai (May)
Personality: Crazy, 'Mother' of the group, Very opinionated, Loves to fight, dance-a-holic
Picture: <a href="">Me</a>
Man: Chris

Name: Trina aka Dimplez
Age: Wateva Fits
Pic: Bootz
Man: Jim Jones
Role: Best Friend Or Sista ( NO ENEMY)
Personality:Ghetto, Shy at times, Will beat a b**** ass at any minute


i wanna be in it

Name- Brittani aka Giggles
Age-wuteva fits
Man-Bowwow, trey songs or chris brown but i know he already gonna be taken
Personility-funny, sweet, smart, cool to be around, goofy, will f*** you up in a heart beat if you f*** wit me, shy sumtimes
Picture- you can use whoeva aslong as they ain't ugly cuz i ain't ugly

Baby i'm a winner, didn't even take me twelve rounds to do it, got the tittle now, he gonna tell the whole world, to give it up for his girl(dats me, just in case you ain't no)


boyfriend- whoever