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chat with chris brown

1. i woukd like to know if u would go to college what would u major in?

2. have u ever met one of your fans, talked to that person to get to know them? u miss begin a normal boy or is it better to be famous and be known?


hey chris brown im a big fan i want to be a singer jst like you

I look up to you because I want to be a singer like you

Hey Chris Brown what are you doing and csn you please make some more music that I can dance to like you did back when you was young please thxs and I am a big fan of yours and I hope I can meet you backstage for the first time ever thxs and you are so cute you know that right and I luv you my future hubby and I really hope you do understand that I never been to a concert before a day of my lifetime cuz my mom never had money to buy me a concert ticket so can you please help me get a concert ticket and a backstage pass please thxs again and I have an crush on you since I was nine years old boo and I love you so much anyway love you
p.s. can you please come to yale high school in cherry hill nj please thxs again



Chris I was working hard man to get yo ticket very hard(carpe diem in moses mabhida) bt unfortunately I didn't get da one I wanted,vip bt atleast I got da normal one hey I rily cannot wait to watch u live!! Whu! I always pray 4 this to c u live n finally wow! I'm gona watch u.I wz tinkin hw nyc it gona b I even had a dream abt u,it was lyk I wz in da carpe diem already and out of ol ppl in da stadium u chose me,wow dat wz cul I wish it culd happen in reality bt anywayz it wont.... So sad.chris hope u will make durban rock!!! Baby I'm sho u won't dissapoint us I knw u wont cause I love u

Hey Chris,I am a big fan of yours,Croatia loves you! hope to see you one day performing in it possible??:)

Yo Chris brown wats up are the best in music even dancing hip hop.keep it up

Yo Chris brown wats up are the best in music even dancing hip hop.keep it up

If u had 1 special wish what would it b?

Hi deziree here fortune is a great album love it !!! ;)

Hey chris i love you so much every day i dream about me meeting you one day. i am ur biggest Fan i hope that one day before i die that i can meet you. And hw come u cant never come to Arkansas?? but anyway i always think about you nd no matter what happens i will always b ur #1 fan.

christopher Maurice Brown your my dream man i've been dreamed about you today and i can't get you out of my mind i wanna ask you when you give a concert in Holland i wanna see you!! and if you dont come to HOLLAND i will be there where you are! Love you

Hey Chris I love you an I just wanna know do you consider yourself as a rapper or a Singer?

Hey Chris do you have concerts in Minnesota ever,

Your Biggest Fan DaMyra

i am chris browns number one fan thank you very much

i love you chris brown you are hot anyway i am 25 years old

Daniel lopez monday,july 9 1:47
yo what up chris brown im your #1 biggest fan i have all of your albums and your such an inspiration to me because your a hell of a singer and a dancer. i like your newest album fortune it gots bad ass songs. i hope you reply back soon take care

hey chris brown,
I wanted to know what you do for fun when you're bored or sick.

Christopher Maurice Brown,
I know you most probably wont see this , because you got all these other people commenting you and writting to you. I know you get "Omg chris i love you so much! " everyday by so many different people and i have done EVERYTHING to try get your attention on twitter and instagram, but it never works! . Just before you went to the bank nightclub in sydney a few days after supafest , i saw you standing outside with a few of your people and i was legit 1 meter away and i saw your face and i was going crazy , but your security signalled me to get away. I know i probably sound like some retart but theres not one day that goes by where i dont wish and pray to god that one day i will meet you . I would do ANYTHING just too see you , your my inspiration . I sound like some dumb *itch because you dont even know that i exist but, im so proud of you , you are a MAJOR success and this letter is getting a little too long but its worth it i promise :)

Ive been your fan since day one. Team Breezy all the way. I wish i was more then just Team Breezy but ahh well! Im always keeping posted with the new updates about you ! and i nearly have watched every single video of you on youtube. My friends think im crazy for how much i love i have towards you haha , i wish i could just have that one chance too speak to you and wish you acknowledge me. Your a dayum cutie mayn! I also had a letter to give to you which i gave to crisszy but i duno if you recieved it. Your the best dancer and singer i know, and you probably get bored of hearing it everyday but trust me , you got so many people out there loving you, being your fan and till eternity i will never back down. Please reply or SOMETHING. My email is Please spare SOME time just to have a little chat with one of your fans , thats if im lucky :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BOY! i love you so much .

My names Anita Romero Sanchez, Im from Sydney , Australia. Half Puerto
Rican , Half Armenian

Yo chris can you help me help me out with a huge problem? my brother has a talent show and its his birthday too. Itold him that i would get chris brown to sing with him. and now im stuck with out no chris brown. the talent show is on friday march 30 and its starts at 6:00 and he has a girl that he has a crush on her and her name is Briana. can you help me because he told Briana that you were comming to sing with you and the song with you. if you can respond as soon as possible please do because him and her is expecting you. if you say yes the school is in deltona and the school is called Deltona Lakes Elementary

also u did great on the song beg for it

wat up chris brown add me on oovoo jeremytheman1011

yo chris brown how are you doing im wondering about the bautifull music you make keep going succes with you carriere and thanx for the music yu make i hope that i can join a concert from you happy new year check you later greetings'from
Loís bye

Hi chris my name is shante I'm from new orleans I was just talkin to my boyfriend about the way he sing he go hard real hard how can he make it to where h u at he tries bout don't believe in his self can u help him he's really go n oh yea he can dance to........I don't look up to ppl but u are a inspiration to a lot of young ppl.

hey chris i'm ur biggest fan in egypt i love all ur songs go hard man fck 'em all u the best ;)

Hey Chris you just don't know how i love you!Iwish even you would be my bro. But i hope that one day i'l see you. I will alwys keep you in my prayers bro! pls reply soon.

hey Chris whays up!Hope tou are doing cool. I just wanted to ask you if to will accept me to chat with you.LIL SWANKY

hey Chris whays up!Hope tou are doing cool. I just wanted to ask you if to will accept me to chat with you.LIL SWANKY

hey Chris whays up!Hope tou are doing cool. I just wanted to ask you if to will accept me to chat with you.LIL SWANKY