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Jingleball `o6

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Posted by blake ex ohh


i was there!
tHE oNE, tHE Onlii.... <$©ŘΔ℗žBøo>™

aaahhhh... tHEreZ nuTHn lyK ramEN noODLeS an a CUp of REd kOOl-aId.....{{brought to you by.....random thoughts}}...tee hee hee

mY boYFrieNd lUvz mE!!!
&& hIs nAMe iS AcTUalLy Chris Brown... nO NOt tHa sinGEr sILly

luk at him singin to us.aint dat just so sexii

ILOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE CHRIS BROWN CB more that any girl in the world

ha yo baby sorry he's already been taken by me

MY BABY IS SINGING TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!