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Is it any tour dates planned in Canada?

I was just wondering, and really hoping, is Chris planning to come in Canada? There's a lot of fans in here, in Toronto, Vancouver and even in Montreal. I'm hoping Chris will come see us at least before the end of 2008...


I'm from Montreal and I would love it if Chris comes to Montreal. I know a lot of people who love him and would like that he come

yep there's alot of chris brown fans in Vancouver, Toronto and Newfoundland cause im from Vancouver please come here chris and perform live!!!!!
Chris Breezy <333

I would really love it if Chris Brown came to Canada, too ! but if he does come, PLEASE dont skip Newfoundland! its on the east coast and alot of times, when singers and groups come to Canada, they leave us out. We have a great Mile One Center stadium here in St.John's and everybody would be thrilled to know that Chris would be coming! Please give it some thought!

- Kyla Smith