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let me win tickets in Florida, Pleeaase!!!!!!!

I am broke as a joke foreal. I really need chris to come to like Miami, Melbourne, Tampa , or Orlando. and i got to get chances to win it inline or the radio without it being long distance cause my mom can't afford that or text messaging.
I can't text. And winning tickets would be the only way i would get there.


omg i feel you ion even got my phone no more it broke silent tear well my cell phone but foreal girl i hope you get some tickets too good luck mama

I know right! I mean, I'm scraping together the money to go but to win tickets would be SOOOO nice. Tryu listening to the radio, I live in st. Pete, and I know WILD 98.7 and 95.7 usually give away tickets as the concert gets closer. I hope so anyway! But I hope you can go!

*~J`Adore J-Love~*