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chris at bet awards = ]

i loved chris's look ; it was kindaa like a urban sexy nerd hahaha kudos for chriss = ] rihanna also looked pretty btw they aint dating people calm downnn **
but what yall think of the bet awards i mean i thought 2004 and last years was better = ]] of course because chris did his thang && i love monique with the beyonce dancess dang she could work it as good as beyonce haha


i didnt know if itwuz just me or not, i have neva seen such a fine nerd, but he look sexcii wit anything on or nothing! i just luv him 2 death.

hahaa some gurl asked on the bet black carpet thingy " what did chris brown have in that backpack "
obviously she doesnt understand its the style = ] ]

- - love chris with P A S S I O N ** <33