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hey does anybody know if tickets for the tampa show are bein sold yet and if not when? i didnt c tampa on ticketmaster.


wher can i find ticketz for the concert in tampa????????

Is the BET website updated or is that the old list? I checked the actual website and tampa isn't on there anymore
*J'Adore J-Love~*

man im hearing its not going to be in tampa no mo. it dont say on this web site ses comming to tampa but on the bet web site it say he comming on the 11th soo i dont know cause i was lookin so my dad can get the tickets for xmas. but if yall find out any more info please let me know and mail me.thanx


I checked, I guess they won't go on sale until early to mid-December, because if you go to it says that the Tampa presale is TBA

*~J`Adore J-Love~*