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I know being famous has its advantges but I was wondering would you trade it all just to have the life you had befor ebeing fmaous? I mean there are some celebrities that miss their old lives but i would like to know what you think. Also I know, you probably never had anyone ask you this but what are your views on politics? i mean I go to NAU and I have one of my majors as Political Science and it would be great to know what your views are. I'm not asking for somwthing extreme, just your views on Civil Rights and the Justice System. Do you alos think Hip-hop has come a long way? If so do you think it's unfair that many people judge it too much? Also, what else do you like to do during your spare time? Do you like draw, read, go places? I know tooooooooooooo many questions but I can't help it I love to question everybody even my friends and family. LOL! Well i would like to hear what you think and no I'm NOT a crazy person.