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im frustrated

because i dont think there are any more floor seats available for the dc show because everytime i look on ticketmaster it says they are unavailable..and im not finna pay no $200+ for some bad seats. i really wanna go though.


At least he's coming to your town...
the closest place he's coming to me
is Cincy, and it's a thursday. So
my rents wont let me go =[[

I [like] Chris Brown.
I LOVE Christopher Maurice Brown

if chris IS reading, i jus wanna say thanks 4 supporting st. judes. my lil sis has lukemia (shes also a cb fan, she sings kiss kiss all the time and i think she took my cb cd lol) so when ppl support cancer it means alot 2 me that some ppl are supporting it. i really want a cure found so thanks 4 supporting them!

also, i was reading the biography and it mentions a song called fallen angel, what is that song? i heard it was gonna b on the cd but i have the cd and its not on there. but i luv the cd its the best cd so far!

God bless!

i saw chris last year it was 100 somethin 4 me n my mom 2 go (i was like 12 when i went it was my early 13th b-day present) i luved the concert and would luv 2 go again, but poin is my seats werent 2 bad the only thing was sum girl sat on me n i had 2 stand on my seat 2 c the concert cuz lots of girls were sooo xcited 2 c lil wayne. so u might be able 2 find cheaper seats.

also does anyone now when cb is cumin 2 florida? that'll be my christmas present!

God bless!

That's unfortunate but you don't need floor seats to have a good time :) At least you'll be there and anyway everyone on the floor's gonna run to the front so you maybe you can sneak up there lol

Well I'M in Memphis and I had to buy $100+ for 4 tickets and that was a good deal. But Chris If you read this then could you hook a girl up with two backstage passess. So a girl could give you some props. and bring a friend