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old ladie at cb concert lol (A must read)

I was at the dance down 2006 in chicago and chris was performing and this ladie behind me kept screamin "I love you chris" and she was jumping around and acting a fool i turned around to see who she was........this ladie had gray hair and all i mean she had to be about 45 and she had a sign that said i love cb....i was crackin up laughin. well i guess people of all ages appreciate chris's music lol


lmao i hope i dont be by no pld ppl at da dance down this year which is next week n im goin its gonna be in g.i! gary indiana

45 aint dat old i thought u gonna say lik sumbody nana or sumthin but i still would love have seen that
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LMAO>>> That's good that Chris has a large fan base though. But, that would've been a sight to see.
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Nia Boo

WOW thats um.............. interesting and i agree with wat the other girl said I GUESS OLDER PEOPLE NEED YOUNG LOVE TO that just shows how many audiences chris appeals to and how successful he is

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lol .. das sumthin else .. i gues old folks need young love too

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