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Wat U THink?

Posted by gern_g


go to bed lil one


Now and later boi
(Since you so good to me)
Like a cherry flavor, life-saver (My life-saver)
Please don't ever leave
Now and later boi
Now and later, my candy boi
I get stingy when it comes to you
Baby, I want you all for myself.

Why'd you do that to your self you kno you dont look jack like chris brezzy

hell no u mad puny....

u look nothing like my baby chris


sorry you cute and all but you look nada like chris


♥♥Hugz and Ki$$3$♥♥
Ya Mighta Seen him on Every Cova Of Every Magazine But Can't Nobody Get Him But Me! Come Ova Here Supa-Man I can Be Ya Mrs. Lane! MUSIC IS HIS(CHRIS) WIFE...EVERYTHING ELSE IS HIS MISTRESS!!!IT HAS 2 B ILLEGAL TO BE THIS FLYii ARREST