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new story called "tha past"staring cb, shad(bowwow),and romeo (castin call)

ummmmmmmmm new story real hot need 3 gurls so if u want that spot leve ya name age and tell me about ur self


Name: NNeka
Age: 18 years
Nickname: angry mosquito, and sexy toothpick
About me: i'm funning, outgoing, caring, kind-hearted, a liitle crazy( good and bad), hate studing, love taking risks, revengeful, lives by an 'everything is peachy' attitude, a great friend, trustworthy, loves music and dance, loves talking, loves drama...i speak a bit quick, can have a good time no matter when i am, and i'm independent and a virgin (thought i would add this)

holla at me if i get the part...and i am from Trinidad.....

name:la la
im funny and i am only shy when i first meet u. i always got my friends and famliy friends back no matta wat the sistuation. im a huge flirt. and basically boy crazy! but im sweet and nice if you cool wit me. and no matta who you are i tell it how it is. i speak my mind.



ok yall to in my story along you two other gurls from teen chat

Name: Chloe
Age: 14
Pers.: Music is my life, Friends are my world, Always give advice to my friends when their down, Crazy and nice. I like meeting new people and having a great time. Like to talk but sometimes quiet. One thing I think is cool and different is that I'm half Norwegian and half Jamacian.

[i]You[/i] got me looking at you, [i]So[/i] whatcha gon do.

Name: Sheena
Age: turning 15
Personality: Funny, fun to hang, sometimes quiet, love to take risk but often mess to give advice to ppl who need it..always there when someone needs me...flirty at times but not all the time..sometimes b****y..but lyke overall nice person to be with and to talk to..