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Me and My husband to be

me and my bookie.jpg

i Met him at atlantic station in Atlanta, GA. He looks real good in person. i wish i could have gotten his number. but i love him so much. every tim e one of his songs come on i start screamin and sayin thats my baby. he is all over me phone and my computer. I LOVE YOU Chris Brezzy. Carey Washington in Atlanta, GA

Posted by Carey09


one of the best ones!



If you were a little taller this would be the perfect couple (not hatin on the short girls) but he is pretty tall to start off with.

You cannot tell me Chris aint fly!

Gurl erry where you look in my room, on my phone, my computer, in my locker all you see is him!!!!! You said you be screamin gurl i be in dere hypervinalatin!!!!!!!!!! lmao but you are to lucky...can't wit til i meet him!!!! cute pic. if he look better in person then damn he is some serious fine then cuz in the pictures he is fine as hell didn't think it could get much better than that!lol


sInCeReLy Chris's Cinderella 4 Eva Eva Eh Eh

na thats kool
Chris Brown Lover

I live in Atlanta so it`s possible that I saw you before. .. but anyway - the picture is cute. I need to start hanging out in Atlantic station more. EVERYBODY be up over there...

dey do look like dey could be related! [ lol! ]

<a href=>breezyBOARDz.</a> got it on && poppin. yadamean? =]

you do look like siblings.

Looks like you and he could be Bro & Sis.....

he is a cutie
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