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this story gets so gud 4real tell me if yall think i should keep going

Kara’s P.O.V
Scene 1: Phone conversation between Chris brown and Kara

Kara: Chris
Chris: yeah
Kara: do you love me?
Chris: of coarse I love you why do you ask?
Kara: because I feel if you loved me you would tell me more often
Kara: well Why are you so quiet now.
Chris: I’ve had a lot on my mind lately and ……..
Kara: what wrong?
Chris: I think we should break up
Kara: why? Everything was going great (kara now sobbing)
Chris: I just don’t feel the same as I used to I love you but we cant be together
Kara: I don’t understand
Chris: I gotta go I’ll talk to you later (hangs up the phone)
Kara: ---------sobbing----------------
End of Kara’s P.O.V

Chris P.O.V
Scene 2 chris and shad aka bowwow (Shad is now at Chris house)

Chris: Man I can’t believe this
Shad: wassup man
Chris: me and kara…… I had to break up with her
Shad: why?
Chris: because my cousin sheena called me and told me that she saw her with some guy she said that they was kissing…….. I got so upset I just broke up with her I didnt even want to deal with it
Shad: how you know it was true
Chris: I don’t but i trust my cuz wouldn’t lie to me
Shad: oh well how did she handle it
Chris: she was cryin and whatever
Shad: hold on---------cell rings---------
Chris: who is that?
Shad: my girl
Chris: oh tell chloe I said hey
Shad: ok-------shad ends his phone conversation--------------- ey man I gotta go pick chloe from the mall I’ll be back
Chris: iight man
Shad: -----leaves---------
End of Chris POV

Back to Kara’s POV
Scene 3 Kara at home thinking to self
Kara: what did I do for him to break up with me, I’ve been faithful and been the best girlfriend I could be………I cant live without him my whole future was with him
-------------starts to cry--------------------
Kara: -----picks up phone and calls chris--------

Chris: Hello
Kara: Chris
Chris: yeah
Kara: I cant be without you cant we make this work
Chris: Im not happy with this either but I don’t think so
Kara: ---------crying---------
Chris: don’t cry
Kara: I cant live without you I WON’T live without you
Chris: what do you mean? Are you trying to kill your self?
Kara: ---------starts to cry really hard--------
Chris: don’t do anything I be right over
-----------chris hangs up and rushes over her house--------
End of Kara’s P.O.V

Back to Chris’s POV

Chris: ---------thinking to self “this gurl is crazy” before knocking on the door--------------
Kara: yeah
Chris: its chris
Kara:-----opens door--------
Chris: hey uuummmm……. Baby lets talk
Kara: ok why did you break up with me
Chris: Because Sheena told me she saw you with some guy and yall was kissing
Kara: Sheena… your cousin?
Chris: yeah
Kara: me and her had a argument last week because she wanted me to break up with you so her best friend can get at you…… im guessing she told you that so we can brake up
Chris: woah im so sorry I never should have assumed it was true without asking plz forgive me
Kara: I don’t know I just had a break down thinking you was leaving me for something horrible and I didn’t even do anything
Chris: I apologized
Kara: well I forgive you so does this mean were back together
End of Chris POV


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Youre storries are amazing keep doing them

the story is so good........ hurry up and update it

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who iz her baby daddy??..Dang what a hoe!
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wait a minute. who her baby daddy?

Baby i'm a winner, didn't even take me twelve rounds to do it, got the tittle now, he gonna tell the whole world, to give it up for his girl(dats me, just in case you ain't no)


Kara POV

Kara: Chris answer me
Chris: yeah we back together
Kara: alright baby you know I love you and you know I don’t what to keep secrets from you but….
Chris: but what
Kara: I’m pregnant
Chris: by who?
Kara: What?
Chris: who are you pregnant by?
Kara: what you mean who I’m pregnant…. by I’m pregnant you
Chris: you’re lying
Kara: what?---- Kara now in tears------
Chris: We only had sex one time and I used a condom and I pulled out
Kara: Chris don’t do this to me
Chris: No you don’t do this to me
Kara: Do what
Chris: you cheated on me and you need to tell me the truth who did you cheat on me with
Kara: nobody Chris
Chris: that’s bulls***
Kara: Chris please don’t do this
Chris: Kara if you don’t tell me who you cheated on me with I’m leaving right now
Kara: ------ now crying hysterically--------- Chris
Chris: please tell me the truth
Kara: ok…………… shad
Chris: who?
Kara: shad
Chris: how could you do this to me and with my best friend?
Kara: I don’t know it just happened you was on tour and I was lonely
Chris: I can’t believe this
Kara: Chris I’m sorry
Chris: f*** your apology
Kara: don’t do me that way Chris I love you
Chris: you don’t love me
Kara: plz
Chris: bye Kara -------Chris exits her dorm leaving her crying----------
End of Kara POV

Chris POV
Chris: -----------now in his car calling shad--------------------
Shad: Hello
Chris: hey man its Chris
Shad: wassup
Chris: I need to ask you u something
Shad: yeah
Chris: you my boy right
Shad: yeah
Chris: did you sleep with Kara
Shad: man hell naw
Chris: well she claims she is pregnant by you
Shad: no sir that aint my baby………… do you remember earlier this year when you was on scream tour around the time you turned 18
Chris: yeah
Shad: she tried to get wit me but I turned her down cause I knew that was your girl and plus I was still with ciara at that time
Chris: damn she f***ed up
Shad: well that aint my baby
Chris: it aint mines neither
Shad: well anyways this new girl just moved across the street from me I think you will really like her
Chris: well wass her name
Shad: I don’t know her real name but her nick name is lala
Chris: how old is she
Shad: 17
Chris: ok but she better not be ugly
Shad: naw I wouldn’t do you like that
End of Chris POV

Shads POV
Shad: Chris I’ll call u back in 20 minutes
Chris: iight
Shad: ----------hangs up phone--------------

Shad now going across the street to talk to lala who is on her porch

Shad: hey
Lala: wassup
Shad: I see you just moved around here
Lala: yeah I guess I lucked up and moved across the street from bowwow
Shad: naw call me shad bowwow is my stage name
Lala: oh ok shad so how’s this neighborhood
Shad: it’s pretty nice
Lala: oh I hope I make friends fast
Shad: speaking of friends I have a friend who would like to talk to you
Lala: who
Shad: his name is Chris you probly know him as Chris brown
Lala: The Chris Brown wants to talk to me
Shad: yeah
Lala: oh my god
Shad: what?
Lala: come with me
Shad: sure
Lala: -----leads shad to her bedroom-----
Shad: -----looks around seeing Chris brown posters every where-------------
Lala: I’m one of his biggest fans
Shad: well I can see that, you probly got more pics of him then he got of himself
Lala: well I guess you can say that
Shad: ok well I better be going now
Lala: alright
Shad: -----------shad exits her house--------
Lala: well I’ll see u later I have to finish unpacking before my mom gets home
Shad: ok bye
Lala: bye
Shad: ---------goes back across the street to his house and calls chris-------------

Shad: ey Chris I went across the street to talk to that girl lala
Chris: yeah
Shad: she not gone be that hard to talk to
Chris: what you mean
Shad: I told her you wanted to talk to her and she freaked out
Chris: why
Shad: she is your biggest fan
Chris: what
Shad: I mean she got like a million posters of you, I told her that she got more pics of you that you got of your self
Chris: ------laugh------ don’t set me up with no stalker
Shad: what
Chris: I’m just kidding
Shad: oh ok she’s rally nice I think you will really like her
Chris: iight but she bet not be crazy like the last girl you tried to set me up with
Shad: nah she not, but I gotta go Chloe is knocking at the door
Chris: ok bye
Shad: bye
End of shad POV


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