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Mii Best


He Is always described as a chris brown look alike.......
They Somewhat Look A Like But Not Really........
I Believe They Look Like Their Selves.........
n hE cOULD sING 2..........

Posted by Rahaquayyah



chris browns wifey

ooo u looqin good dem eyes hmm wat else LIPS nose ears complexion a voice i heard mmm only missin 2 things dimples n me lol muahsz

pretty eyez boi...

I love Chris

yu CUtE !

ur f***in sexy lol
where u frm

but he dont luk nutin lyk mah babe

but u cute though


sorri but no


Now and later boi
(Since you so good to me)
Like a cherry flavor, life-saver (My life-saver)
Please don't ever leave
Now and later boi
Now and later, my candy boi
I get stingy when it comes to you
Baby, I want you all for myself.