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Real Love

Y/N P.O.V.
Damn i can't believe this, its a friday tonite is the valentine's day dance i have no man in my life wow. but im good i'll be iight . Ms. Watson has one of her random assemblies and I got stuff to do and its 1:00pm. She trippin fa real. THats my girl and all but she have 2 pointless assemblies every month.
End of P.O.V
Ms Watson: Y/N?
Y/N/: Wassup Ms. W?
Ms Watson: Well i was wondering if you could introduce our guest for this afternoon since you're out top student i figured this is the least i could do
Y/N: iight ( confused: how is introducin somone gonna make my day?
Ms Watson: alright lets head back stage
As soon as they got backstage Y/N seem a tall guy with a black hoodie and a hat
Ms Watson: Chris?
The mystery guy turns around
Y/N P.O.V.
wow Chris Brown . At our school .. THats different and i ain't no huge fan of his his lyrics but he's iight. But he is cute , and he prolly a male ho . damn well here goes nuthin
Y/N: hi im Y/N nice to meet you
Chris: hey beautiful im chris
they shook hands and as soon as they touched both of them felt a spark run up their arms and a flutter feelin in their stomachs
Chris P.O.V
Damn she fine! mami got a bangin body beautiful smile and i don't know i feel kinda nervous bein next to her . iight chris u got dis she's just another female rii? I mean i been with plenty of girls, and had my share in bed.. So why when i see her i feel like im going on stage for the first time again?

Y/N: so how many songs will you be performing?
Chris: 3 run it , wall to wall and a lil surprise for tha ladiez and some frees stylin
Y/N: iight so-
Evan: ( stage manager) hey sexy happy valentine's day ( hands her a rose)
Y/N: ( laughin) hey evan wassup and thank u
Evan: u need this pack and this head set
Y/N: iight ( she puts it on)
Evan: ur on in 5min sexy lady and don't forget to save me a dance 2nite ( winks) and chris heres ur pack and headset and good luck
Chris : iight thanx man So Y/N imma be at the v-day dance 2nite and im doin a lil performance
Y/N: thats nice im sure sharina will like that
Chris: sharina?
Sharina: Chris? hey daddy im sharina and im sure she's prolly borin u but i can make a day a lil special if u know wut i mean so here's ma number and i know u'll call me ( she walks away)
Y/N: thats Sharina
Y/N P.O.V.
i can't stand hoes yuck! dat bytch is a walkin STD. Damn chris he's so - wait wut am i sayin? this is chris brown . he don't want me he just here for a show.and he ain't never comin back. But i can't shake dis feelin damn
Chris: oh well i needed to know if-
Evan: Y/N ur on
Chris. P.O.V
damn but sharina was fine as well and she was givin it up she practically threw it at me so if y/n ain't wit it sharina def gonna git a call from me
Y/N: goodluck!
Chris: yeah u too ma( thinkin: damn her hips is switchin s*** she prolly feel me starin)
Y/N: Jackson High how ya'll feelin 2day?
Crowd gives a whole bunch of goods and coughes and some other yells
Y/N: well first lemme give a shout to tha sexy and wonderful class of "07"
Seniors starts yellin and cheerin
Y/n: as yall know 2nite is the v-day dance and you know is gonna on and poppin but thanx to Ms. WAtson. She got yall a lil warm up for us. So fellaz if u value ya lady hold on to her cuz it heart is bout to be taken. Jackson high give it up for Chris Breezy !!!!!!!
THe crowd screams and Chris runs out and starts to perform with his dancers

Dj: Ladies Im gonna need you all to back away from the door
we are trying to make way for Chris Brown
Ladies you are not listening I need you all to back away from the door
we are trying to make way for Chris Brown

[Verse 1]
Pull up Pull up
Can't believe the girls club packed
What up What up
Shorty wanna lead me to the back (to the back)
Aint been in here 15 minutes got a pocket full of digits and she just wont take no
Now lil mama wanna get mad
Slow up Slow up
Sayin she dont wanna share what she had (she had)
Aint no particular one that's getting the water gun so many that I want

THe concert ended and the crowd was all hyped up Y/N came back out
Y/N: did yall enjoy that?
crowd screams and cheers
Y/N: well everyone needs to give it up for Ms.Watson
there was a loud cheerin and clappin
Y/n: Chris? could u come back out here please?
Chris stepped out and there was loud screamin
Y/n: can yall give it up for chris one more time ?
Chris: thank yall very much and ladiez yall look good out there
Y/N: iight ladiez chris is gonna be at our v-day 2nite so all yall singles look out
fellaz don't be intimidated neither yall still got a chance
Chris: ( smilin) so Y/n ?
Y/n: wassup chris?
Chris: will u be attending this dance?
Y/n: of course
Chris: so i heard u need a date to get in is that right?
Y/n : yes ?
Chris: ( he gets down on one knee an hands her a beautiful rose) so will u be my date for 2nite?
SO wut yall think she gonna say .. Lemme know should i run it ?


she shoud def say yes!!! oh em gee i like dis!! run it!!!

if u happen to c this siggy plz message lookin for all the stories im readin el oh laptop and difficult to keep up with the thread by memory stank u kindly!

run it she should say yes

chris wifey

*run it*run it*run it*
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RUN IT!!!!!!!


DaNGit GiRLiE!!!!!!!! RUN IT♥

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Run It♥

Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it
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U gotta get bac on here and run it. Diz me n my cuzin story lolz.

RUN IT!!!!!!
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Run It♥♥

Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it
Missz Br33zY♥

run it!!!!!!!!! hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Awe he got down on one knee to ask her... that cute
Run It♥

Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it
Missz Br33zY♥

run it

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run it!!!love it!!!!!

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