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Will Chris ever Change

now that Chris is 18 and it wasn't too long ago that he was the pissy boy from Tappahannock.. ..everyone you think he would change?????????????????????


he will change big..............however he will always remember his true fans......thats one thing bout Chris he stays true to his fans ...and once these fans are respectable and true to him he returns the favour......everyone change..either good or bad..........however..mrs.Joyce don't look like she will put up with Chris changing for the worst..and with God on his side Chris will be successful at everything that he does.

ehh....people change here and there throughout life
I don't think he'll change as in not being humble but maybe a lil attitude-wise
u kno he's older now so can't nobody tell him what to do && what not to do!
either way, I think Chris is a good man =]

actually to me compared to what he was like in the begining all shy innocent and humble he has changed a lil bit he seems a tad bit more c**ky not overly c**ky just a lil bit so i think he has kinda changed his fee from the begining for me has changed

~*Ebony aka the next star*~

no he prolly goin stay his self he will prolly growup a bit but heaint goin change his personality...well i hope not!