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Add me 2 ur friends' list

I'm new 2, so, can some1 add me 2 their friends' list?


no priggity prob.

♥♪♥♪♥♥♥Hugz and Ki$$3$♥♥♥♪♥♪♥
MUSIC IS HIS(CHRIS) WIFE...EVERYTHING ELSE IS HIS MISTRESS!!!IT HAS 2 B ILLEGAL TO BE THIS FLYii ARRE$T M3 Now !'m 3mb@rr@$$!ng Th3s3 Bxtch3$! The Mrs.Lane 2 His Supa-Man!♥♪♥♪♥

Good Lord so many newbies! lol That's great thing though, but Robin I'll add you too. I hope you guys added me. :)

Chris is human love him regardless

lol lots of newbies joining but i'll add you both as long as u add me back WORD to M1ss CB

Love is composed of one soul inhabiting two bodies

Hey everyone Im new to the Chris Brown site and I would love to be added to peoples friend list.

Thanks in advance to anyone who does add me. :-)

heeey im gonna add u! welcum to the boards! :)

cheez-its and m&ms...yes i know its random


welcomme..ima add u ..add me back

check out my new story ~U NEVER NO WHATS GO HAPPEN NEXT~

welcome 2 da boardsz. i'll add ya=]
"haterSz Give Me THeM Salty LOokSz"

check out tha new story "Just like You" on the fanfiction part of the boards