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I Can Blow

Wuld yall believe me if I tolda yall dat I can sing just az well az him. Some ppl say i sing mo like trey songz but eitha way?


wow SexyGal06 that was juss a lil too harsh lol....but uhhmmm.....i honestly wqanna hear u....u should have some type of feedback so why don't u post u singin somethin

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Dang that was rude............

I believe you. My friend Christian can sing and dance better than Chris to be honest. So if you can sing dude you betta use it to get your butt somewhere lol.
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then why ain't you one? Chris Brown didn't go around boasting that he could sing. He had a talent and decided to use it. Now when you get your own CD, and it reached #1, then you're a star. But in da mean time, SHUT UP!

you are too much mystik lmbo

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lol. when I say the name of this post I was like: **Eyebrowsraised/mouthopen** "WTF"... ROFLMBMFHO!!!!!
Weeeee... okay... Immo behave now... *wipes/eyes*... U can sing, huh? Good for u. I cldn't carry a note to save my life... :')

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yea you kno if you can sing you can sing dnt listen to neg thoughts about wht you can do shoot i think i can dance

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I believe you I got I friend and he got some PIPES! i'm not even lying he sings 5 time sBETTER than chris I swear he can sound like Ne-yo Trey Songs Chris Musiq anyone but his voice is AMAZING! I believe you boy ; )

Love is composed of one soul inhabiting two bodies

hahaahahahahahahahaahahhhhaaaahahahah. sorry.

I [like] Chris Brown.
I LOVE Christopher Maurice Brown

yeah... whatever boo
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whateva. who told you this, i aint tellin you you cant sing cause i dont know you but you cant sing like chris brown. :)

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