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I'm about to be nice for a change!

If u do not have ur codes: Here they are!

Code 1 CBW88801
Code 2 MYSPC45
Code 3 YTBE6699
Code 4 FAN1111
Code 5 WDGT192
Code 6 115BE1ST
Code 7 MTV1012
Code 8 AMAZ0505
Code 9 xclsv110607
FINAL CODE-cundabigaple


:-) Srry i'm late as hell. but I didn't win. Oh well, but I went to the concert and love every bit of it.

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i dont think u are

awww, thank u. :-) I thought alot of people thought I was mean.

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why how coem u gan be nice for a change i think u are nice anyway