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If u got 2 meet Chris Brown

If u got 2 meet Chris Brown wat would u do wat would u say and how will u get him 2 lyk lyk u?


I would be hella shocked but not O.D. (they don't llike those fans that go over board.) I would say I love ur work and ur skills. I like u alot. Your goreous and fine. I can't believe how tall you are. Can I get an autograph? Can I get a hug. Tell u moms, Tina, sis, nephew, and all ya peeps I said hi. And to get him to like me I be myself even though I would be hella nervous, and I would talk to him on the real and get to know him and let him get to kno me as d friends,( u can't just jump into kno relationship.....u gotta crwal b4 u walk. ) And I would let him know I 'm a true fan I got his back, I'm there for him. I'd give him my number . And make sure he's knows I'm willing to start as friends. (He might think its crazy if girl come up to him and start acting like thats their man). And then call it a day.

Chris if u reading this ,...Thats really what I would do. So wat up. And keep coming as fly and as sexy as u always do.
LIfe without Passion is UNFORGIVABLE

what would i do; probly pass out lol, give him my #, what i would say; i love u and your sexii, how i would get him to lyke lyke me; i would look at him lol ;)

miss chris

lmao at mah lil sis

wat would i do: i would faint, scream, grab him and kiss and kidnapp him, wat would i say : Hey hubby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would Luv to marry u and go on tour wit u, how i would get him to lyk lyk me:i would buy him a house, give him a GIANT box's of chocolate, give him a million kisses and flirt wit him , !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would't get him to like me. I would just freak out that I got to meet him...I would be seriously speechless. I would probley faint. I mean I get to see him at a concert this Saturday here in Texas and am happy that I'm even going.
Hey!!! This is ChrisBrownsGirl...Love Yall