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♥check out Chris Brown n Milwuakee♥

If u Live n Milwuakee Chris Brown is gone be at Summer Fest on July 1st. It will be goin down. u need ta still get yo tickets go to TICKETMASTER.COM and in the search box type in Ludachris and its gone ask u wat city and put MILWUAKEE(dats fa all da stupid ♥Chris Brown♥ fans)



yea my babii concert was goin DOWN... t-pain couldnt come but it was still fun. my favorite part of the concert was when he came out after changin his outfit dancin to lil mama lip gloss. that shyt was POPPIN.


--im going 2 the summerfest in milwaukee. i heard chris (of course), ciara, tpain, and ludacris is gonna be there. this is gonna be the 2nd time in my life to go to a concert. the 1st concert was in milwaukee, ciara was there. it was last november. (im from appleton, its by green bay)

tiana1115 : ) will be going down alright. I got my ticket..dont play wit E...s***..thats something i have to go to..I went to his first performance ni milwaukee on July 7th of 06 at summerfest last year..1st row...that was crackn cause i caught his towel...Lol ♥
Im the "yellow" one..

i got my ticket already too... i got it the day they went on sell i thought i was going to get front row but i was so wrong... lol they was sold out i was real salty but i can't wait still i got some good seats

man i wish i live there rite about now huhh that anit fare but he cumin 2 the lou

I wanna go...hopefully but I live in St.Paul minnesota but I'll try

"CB fan for LIFE"-Bria M.

I already bought my ticket to go see Chris at Summerfest. I can't wait. I think I am gonna lose my voice at the concert b/c i am gonna scream the whole time he is up on stage. lol. Yeah. So i already got ma tic. Who eva doesn't go to this concert that lives in Mil-town is gonna be sorry that they didn't see Chris Brown.